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The New Democrat War Tax

Posted by Ryan on October 2, 2007

The Left loves taxes– taxes mean central government control and handouts for votes which is all they really understand.  Democrats hate war.  Of course, nobody seriously loves war in their heart, but being consistent, the Democrats hate THE war we’re in right now.  Representative Charlie Rangel wanted a draft— not to actually help the war effort, but to stir public outrage against it.  Now, Representative David Obey from Wisconsin wants a special “war surtax” to directly piss off every taxpaying American rather than simply approving an emergency supplemental to keep our troops funded.  By the way, that supplemental will be paid for by the government, ie through taxes, anyway.  While we’re at it, why don’t we change the rules and charge the American people once a year for their federal government tax bill?  Revolution would ensue quickly thereafter.  So, direct taxes like this are just meant to irk us.

Hence, this proposal does nothing to help the war effort and would only create more division amongst the populace.  Obviously this ploy will be shot down, even by the Democrat leadership.  I’m also glad that John Boehner is speaking out against this proposal, reminding us that the Dems love taxes.  The Democrats never saw a tax they didn’t like.  Sometimes our government has to invent new taxes, like Obey is doing here, but the have a habit of sticking around.  Realize that the 3% Spanish-American War telephone surcharge on long-distance calling stuck around until 2006 (that’s 108 years after the war ended) and that was a Republican proposal!  Just imagine if the Dems sweep next year– they’d knock the troops and raise our taxes with impunity.

Pic from a South Plainfield, NJ, AARP tax preparation group.


One Response to “The New Democrat War Tax”

  1. Will said

    All taxes in general are a result of the American people leeching off of the government because the government thinks they need to be in our lives. Until we start standing up for ourselves and quit going to the government whenever we are struggling, taxes will continue to rise no matter who is in charge.

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