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Say Nyet to a Mortgage Czar

Posted by Mike on October 3, 2007

Some Democrats are calling for a “mortgage czar” because of the situation caused by people borrowing money they couldn’t pay back.  The substance of this idea obviously bugs me because it is not the government’s responsibility to protect people from their own bad decisions, but the procedure is also troubling.

The whole notion of a “czar”, whether it be a drug czar, a trade czar or a mortgage czar is a Congressional and Presidential abdication of responsibility.  Congress is charged with making laws under the Constitution and it is for the Executive branch to implement those laws through the Department heads.  Adding layers of bureaucracy to the federal government will not solve the problem at issue, especially when the government shouldn’t be involved in the first place.

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Bush Vetoes a Piece of SCHIP

Posted by Ryan on October 3, 2007

President Bush vetoed the extension of the State Children’s Health Insurance Plan (SCHIP) today in what is sure to be a public relations coup against the slow-to-react White House.  Bush has a point with his veto, but his spin machine will lose to Rahm Emmanuel and the Dems playing the “$700 billion for Iraq but nothing for our sick kids” demagoguery.  This vetoed bill would actually institute a regressive 61 cent tax on cigarettes.  As a matter of principle I believe that this is bad karma:  using cigarette tax money to pay for children’s health insurance– it’s kind of twisted, even when you think that poorer people tend to smoke, and poorer people are part of SCHIP. 

A typical result of too much liberalism:  the poor end up paying for the poor.  Not anymore!  Now the poor end up paying for the middle class too!  Bush’s argument is that families with incomes of $83,000 should not get a government handout, especially when that same family already has private insurance.  Sensible, yet you ask, what kind of people would switch from private insurance to government coverage?  I’m sure a few suckers would get caught up in the mix.  SCHIP is for those folks who don’t qualify for Medicaid, but don’t have health insurance either.  This bill expands the number of people covered from 6.6 million to nearly 11 million, including 700,000 adults! 

Also, Congress didn’t bother to compromise on a bill that would have passed and thereby helped the children the Left is so uppity about.  Again, their purpose seems to be to score political points rather than help people.  But, the Republicans are in a bind here.  The veto may be sustained, but the Dems can demagogue this issue through next year.  Your average voter is going to have difficulty understanding the economic soundness of the Bush argument, they’ll just the sick kids.  It’s quite a bind.  I hope the veto is sustained:  the bill is a bad precedent, filled with bad karma, big government liberalism, and populist demagoguery rather than sound economic principles.

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