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Larry Craig Not Flushed Yet

Posted by Ryan on October 4, 2007

I’m about to wreck on a solid-voting Republican Senator from a really Red state. 

Here goes:  Larry Craig is a bumbling selfish rube for putting his own sense of entitlement and power over the good of his party and the conservative movement in general.  Just today, a judge denied Craig’s attempt to withdraw his guilty plea for that lewd bathroom activity back in June, saying that the “conviction is supported by the evidence.”  Enough said.  Goodbye Senator. 

Wait one minute!  Craig has decided to renege on his promise to resign from the Senate, opening the door for the Democrats to use him as an example of Republican scandal and hypocracy throughout the 2008 campaign.  Great.  I hope the Senate Ethics Committee deals with him in some kind of way, and along with the party, push him out the door quickly and loudly.  This has nothing to do with his record, his political philosophy, but you know what? all that means nothing now!  He’s an indecent joke (the video is funny, not extreme, but makes the point) that drags his party down with him every day he’s still in office.  Idaho would be a safe Republican seat next year if Craig would just get out of the way.  He’s not, so I have no sympathy for him if he falls further into disrepute, or any sympathy for the party if it doesn’t deal with him harshly and experiences the inevitable political fallout.

Pic from the Radio Equalizer: Brian Maloney.


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