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That Socialist Club at School

Posted by Ryan on October 5, 2007

Affirmative Action school clubs have proliferated around the nation since the Equal Access Act was passed in 1984, which stated that a principal cannot pass judgment on (ban) a student-led club that does not harm the students (or is a hate club) and is subject to the monitoring of a staff member.  We have plenty of them at my school ranging from an Islamic club to Gay and Lesbian groups to environmental organizations.  Fianlly, after having to fight tooth and nail, the students were eventually able to get a Republican Club, but only if a Democrat Club was also established for balance (notice who took the initiative).

This story out of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, indicates that this spirit of equal access is still true around the nation:  fittingly, there’s a Young Socialist’s Club at Roosevelt High School!  The students saw the Democrat and Republican clubs were doing fine and wanted their fair share of the club space to celebrate their ideology.  One can’t disagree that they have the privilege in school, protected by law, to organize into such a group even if it flaunts Marx on its banners and condones the restriction of political and economic rights while lowering the quality of life of those that live under socialism.  In my school, we have students that flaunt Che Guevara t-shirts because “they look cool,” but that’s OK– any mass murderer is OK to be on a t-shirt as long as they aren’t Hitler or UBL. 

One can look at this from a number of different angles.  Should the students have the right to form a Socialist Club at school?  Yes.  Does this in a way demonstrate that the successes of earlier generations have made it possible that students today can wear t-shirts, flaunt Karl Marx and join utopian clubs praising debunked economic ideologies that we once fought against without fear of retribution or abuse?  Sure.  It also demonstrates what a horrible job we do teaching history to our kids.

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