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“Secessionists” to Meet in Tennessee

Posted by Ryan on October 6, 2007

Disaffected by the Iraq War, what they call an “imperialist” federal government, and a right-wing courts, several representatives from the South, Vermont, Alaska, Hawaii and others are holding a secession meeting in Chattanooga, Tennessee on Wednesday. 

The Middlebury Institute and the League of the South are the two distinct fringe groups that are spearheading the effort.  The Middlebury Institute seems to be all about creating a socialist paradise in Vermont and other leftist states.  I thought Libs wanted to move to Canada after Dubya’s reelection?  I’m still waiting for that mass exodus by the way.  Apparently, though, they are liberals, so typically they wouldn’t want to inconvenience themselves by leaving the USA, they just want to have their states leave the country instead!  At the other end of this very-poor-job-of-reading-history-books-coalition is the League of the South, which still holds on to the dream of Southern secession. 

Both groups are at different ends of the political spectrum: one wants gay marriage, the other wants a major illegal alien crackdown, etc.  They both demonstrate the frustration some have with the gridlocked government and stalemate of the culture war.  They both want to take the easy way out, which would turn into a bloodbath if they actually followed through with it.  Ever since the US Constitution was made the supreme law of the land in 1787, disaffected sectionalists have not had the right of revolution, as Lincoln inferred in the Gettysburg Address.  You can’t leave, you can’t violently revolt, and you can’t give up in a transparent representative democracy.  The secession issue was dealt with 142 years ago and if these states really tried to do it, they’d be blood on the streets.  Luckily, they are fringe groups frustrated that they feel they voice isn’t being heard in Washington.  The old school way of dealing with that problem is by voting, campaining to change people’s minds, and running people for office who hold your same point of view.  We stopped that whole secession thing a long time ago.

Pic from the Blue State Secession: the Only Solution.


One Response to ““Secessionists” to Meet in Tennessee”

  1. Mike said

    It sounds like the left and right of this movement misunderstand Demcoracy. In my experience, liberal journalists and war opponents have more trouble understanding this concept, but everyone needs to. The fact that you don’t get your way all the time does not mean you don’t live in a Democracy.

    Democratic decision making means you can speak your mind, participate in the process, and vote. It doesn’t mean other people have to agree with you. After all, the other side has the same rights too.

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