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Gordon Brown Chickens Out

Posted by Mike on October 7, 2007

Everything is falling apart for Gordon Brown. After weeks of speculation that there was a snap election in the works, Gordon Brown chickened out, deciding against calling the election. Brown’s about-face alone is a significant story, but was merely the culmination of what was a terrific week for Conservative Party Leader David Cameron.

The week began with David Cameron delivering a speech at the Conservative Party Conference that was described by many as frank and authentic. This was significant for Cameron because his Achilles Heel until then was that he was an indecisive, inauthentic, and unprincipled politician who stood for nothing. Following the speech, the Conservatives closed the gap with Labour, finally destroying the Brown Bounce which has lasted since July. This caused Brown to realize that he might actually lose the election if he called it, and he chickened out.

This enabled the Conservatives to jump all over the Prime Minister and now the political landscape across the pond is completely different than it was just one week ago. At the beginning of the week, Labour looked unbeatable and Gordon Brown was seen as a strong and principled leader. After Cameron’s speech and Brown’s misstep, the Conservatives are on offense, and Gordon Brown is seen as the indecisive, inauthentic, and unprincipled politician who stands for nothing.

At this point, the Conservatives have new life and Labour is scrambling over what is being called Black Saturday. The wheel has turned. Not a bad week for Mr. Cameron.

One Response to “Gordon Brown Chickens Out”

  1. Ryan said

    Why can’t Republicans capitalize on their opponents foibles like the Tories across the pond? I hope the Tories pound this home consistently and with authority. I agree that it demonstrates political fear and indecisiveness on the part of the Prime Minister. It’ll be interestign to see where this goes.

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