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Sandy Berger: Adviser to She Who Must Not Be Named

Posted by Mike on October 8, 2007

Most people wouldn’t have the nerve. She Who Must Not Be Named on the other hand has no shame; so associating herself with her husband’s former National Security Adviser and admitted felon Sandy Berger really doesn’t concern her. Undoubtedly admired by the candidate for his scandal-making potential and lack of concern for national security, the incompetent and criminal Berger is now one of SWMNBN’s campaign advisers.

A few years ago, the liberal-deified 9-11 Commission set forth to examine our nation’s systemic failures prior to September 11. As part of the commission’s hearings, it was Sandy Berger’s responsibility to present evidence pertaining to the Clinton administration’s policies and actions regarding terrorism. While at the National Archives preparing for his presentation, Berger made sure no one was looking, took classified documents containing God knows what information, stuffed them down his pants, hid them in a trailer, and later destroyed them. After being caught red-handed, Berger plead guilty to stealing the highly-sensitive classified documents.

Needless to say, SWMNBN has some answering to do. Even John Kerry had the good sense to release Berger from his campaign when it was clear he was dealing with a felon. Does the witch have the same capacity for shame? Can she at least fake it? Or, as Bill Sammon wondered, is Berger being rewarded for doing her family’s dirty work? Hopefully, time will tell.

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3 Responses to “Sandy Berger: Adviser to She Who Must Not Be Named”

  1. Ryan said

    Bill Sammon has a point. I totally agree with it. BJ and co. would make great mob bosses. I think She Who Must Not Be Named’s support amongst the Democrats as a whole is based on the payoff if (shudder) she were to win. It’s the ol’ spoils system all over again. Too many people owe her husband too much to let her lose without a fight. The establishment Democrats would love to go back to the 1990s when they didn’t have to feel guilty about taking a half-hearted approach to governing on big issues. Plus, if Bill looks bad, they all look bad. They’re all in this together and SWMNBN is the historical cleanup of what they think will be 8 years of evil buffered by two administrations of blessed solace, as their willing accomplices in the press acquiesce.

  2. Duncan said

    Unfortunately, I’m starting to see what SWMNBN is really doing with her campaign. She is doing whatever it takes to get elected. If that means changing her beliefs on major topics, hiring a felon or two, saying one thing but meaning another, so be it. This is a true representation of an opportunist which the public needs to realize and should not trust. Opportunists are only in this world for themselves. In relation to shame, she doesn’t have the capacity for shame. That would make her look weak as a leader. She wants so desperately to act the part which is apparent. Not admitting your faults where they’re due is a weakness because it can be used for manipulation. It’s really denial which is close to lying or maybe just being delusional. Sorry SWMNBN, you can try to fool many other americans but you don’t fool me.

  3. Chris said

    If I hear Republican politics defined as a “Culture of Corruption” by a lib ever again, I will refer them to SWMNBN and the Sandy Burglar incident, after I get sick to my stomach.

    I totally see the Soprano-Clinton connection and as I have said for many years, they are the ones who really run the Democrat Party…Howard Dean may be the DNC chair (Who is no FOB or FOH), but he’s there for a reason.

    On the Spoils System, it was none other than a Democrat (Andrew Jackson) who started it…he also did a lot of other things of which Democrats accuse Republicans, but another time, another post for that.

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