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Al Gore and the Never-Ending Nobel Joke

Posted by Mike on October 10, 2007

Word on the street is that Al Gore is under serious consideration for the Nobel Peace Prize. That makes sense. Peddling global warming snake oil since acting like a sore loser seven years ago has everything to do with world peace.

New York’s best newspaper wants General Petraeus to win the award, but I think it should go to Gore. After passing on Ronald Reagan all those years and actually awarding the prize to a terrorist in 1994, it’s not as if the Norwegian Nobel Committee has any credibility to lose. They might as well give us all a laugh and Gore a reason to make the Democrat coronation primary interesting.


3 Responses to “Al Gore and the Never-Ending Nobel Joke”

  1. Salinger said

    Rush Limbaugh should be chosen as the winner. He is an official nominee (was officially nominated by the Landmark Legal Foundation).

  2. Ryan said

    Two words on the legitimacy of the Nobel Peace Prize: Jimmah Carter. What has Gore done for “peace?” Inconvenient Truth spreads peace how? In fact, the restrictions he’d put on emerging economies that would have to be in place will ensure more scarcity of goods and trading partners in the developing world, ultimately leading to less peace and more strife over resources. But, that’s typical liberalism not to think through a problem beyond what a nice thing it would be if we would ______.

  3. Chris said

    Salinger stole my thunder on this one…oh well. While I would support Rush as the winner or even George W. Bush, I think that both will win the day I decide to give up my Jeep in favor of a Prius. Who will be the nominee next year….maybe Hugo Chavez for trying to help out the poor in America by sending them some Citgo on the house, or even Muhmar Qaddafi for his diplomatic work with the Organization of African States (OAS)…so irrelevant and pointless to the real world you couldn’t even write it this way if you tried.

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