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The White House? Try a Glass House.

Posted by Mike on October 11, 2007

She Who Must Not Be Named recently used images from Ground Zero in an ad claiming she had strong helath care proposals. Of course she made no mention of how her policies are nothing short of socialized medicine which would harm the heroes and everyone else she is supposedly trying to help. That isn’t the point though.  This isn’t about a candidate’s message, but how it is delivered.

It is perfectly legitimate for a political candidate to use images from September 11 when trying to highlight their leadership during that difficult time or to explain their positions on issues relevant to those affected by the attack. This is even the case when the claims are debatable and the candidate is SWMNBN. Unfortunately, the cackling witch is also a flaming hypocrite on what constitutes a legitimate political ad. Actually, with her habitual projection, she is a flaming hypocrite on just about everything but I digress.

There is nothing SWMNBN’s ad other than its substance. It’s just amazing how what supposedly repulsed her in 2004 is fine and dandy in 2008.

AP photo


2 Responses to “The White House? Try a Glass House.”

  1. Chris said

    And remember when the drive-bys went ape over the first Bush Ad of the 2004 Campaign? Their silence over SWMNBN is deafening…and not at all surprising.

  2. Ryan said

    Those dead eyes…

    The wretched teeth…

    The scaley skin…

    She Who Must Not Be Named…

    The frightening thought…

    Seeing that everyday for the next four years as President.


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