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Ew! NASCAR Fans!

Posted by Ryan on October 12, 2007

I watched a piece on Fox News after work today with a liberal friend who didn’t seem to get the story.  He was first uncomfortable, then indignant, and finally virtually apoplectic about the sheer gall of Fox News to run a story like that (to be fair, the mere existence of Fox News annoys him greatly)!

The story? 

How Representative Bennie Thompson (D-Mississippi), chairman of the Homeland Security Department, offered four DHS aides to get diphtheria, tentanus, influenza, and Hepatitis A and B vaccinations before going to check out a Concord, North Carolina, site for a NASCAR event.  Thompson said the shots were only a precaution, but Concord’s representative, Republican Robin Hayes, took offense to the suggestion saying, “We thought it was silly that you needed to get a vaccination to come to Concord to go to the NASCAR races. This is the greatest sport on Earth today and you sure don’t need a shot to come down here.”

I think this is priceless!  Libs, even libs from the South, just don’t understand when Southerner’s get offended by being called dumb, yokels, or in this case, potentially diseased.  They’ll wonder in 2008 why they’ll have to fight tooth and nail just to win a single Southern state.  NASCAR came out of the South, has a huge Southern and national following which makes it the second most watched sport in America!  This procedure may be protocol, but I wonder how many diphtheria vaccinations DHS offers to its aides monitoring football or baseball games?  I personally don’t watch NASCAR, nor do I like NASCAR, but I love how liberals squirm, put their noses way in the air, or simply believe that people interested in this sport are some kind of alien bumpkin from a third-world country.

Picture from How It Works.

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Atheist Radio Comes to Air America!

Posted by Ryan on October 12, 2007

If not to bend to the stereotype of the “godless liberal” even more, Air America seeks to increase its listenership by about 666 people by airing a new atheist hour every week out of Wisconsin from the folks at Freethought Radio.  (Please note that I’m joking) Part of the initial allure is supposed to be the presence of Ron Reagan, son of the 40th President who happens not to believe in God and argued with his family about the issue in the past.  That’ll show those evangelicals!

Air America’s targeting a small percentage of the American people (anywhere from 3-9%) who are full-fledged atheists or agnostics since that point of view is not represented on radio in any serious way, on any national market.  Talk about aiming for a niche market!  How many atheists listen to the radio regularly?  How many are now apt to?  Tricky questions, but worth the risk from their point of view.  I’ve always found that this kind of approach has been the problem with Air America:  their business approach was all wrong (like their view of government it was top-down, not grassroots up like conservative radio) and their niche targeting approach isn’t likely to cause advertisers to flood in. 

One of my arguments with atheist’s view on religion is that many seek to completely separate religion and politics.  If that were the case our Founders would not have had the philosophical justification for the Natural Rights argued for in the Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation and our Constitution, we wouldn’t have had an abolition movement, progressive reforms of the early 20th Century would have had no moral grounds with which to sway votes on key industrial reforms, and Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. would never had been able to organize effectively for the cause of civil rights given the moral message in King’s drive to change politics. 

My atheist friends plead that without religion, one can still be moral.  I absolutely agree, but it sure helps!  Were these movements spontaneously rising up in history before the religious intercession?  Why did it take Christians in all the forementioned cases to spearhead social justice, when the absence of God would have worked just as well?  Totalitarianism itself derives its legitimacy from replacing ideology (like organized religion) with a cult of state, like Nazism and Stalinism for example, so a nation without healthy religious expression can be a seedbed for danger. 

Also, my atheist friends like to remind me, an avid historian, about how many wars religion has caused in our past, and there were many.  To which I kindly remind my friends about how many acts of justice and kindness have resulted solely because of a religious belief:  I think the scales of justice would show one highly outweighs the other.  So, I have no problem with the atheist show and might be inclined to listen to it just to see if it’s entertaining, but if I were them, I’d try to find a better outlet than Air America– how are you to convince anyone of your point of view if no one’s there to listen?

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Gore wins Nobel Communist Prize

Posted by Sal on October 12, 2007

And the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize is…. <Drum Roll>….Al Gore. 

Big surprise.  The Nobel Communist Prize was awarded to Albert Gore, Jr., and the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change for their work in promoting “Climate Change Awareness”.  The Nobel Prizes were established in the will of Arthur Nobel.  The Peace Prize was established to be awarded annuallyto the person who promotes “the most or the best work for fraternity among nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the promotion of peace congresses.”  Now, whatever you may think ot the prize or its charter, I fail to see what the topic of climate change has to do with peace. 

This should come as no surprise, however, when looking at past recipients of the Peace prize;  they include Jimmah Carter, Kofi Annan, Mikhail Gorbachev, and most notoriously, Yassir Arafat, a man who had led a Fatwa against the state of Israel for all of his adult life (this has inspired Michael Graham, a local Boston radio talk show host, to label the price the “Arafat Peace Prize”.  Noticeably absent from the list of recipients are Pope John Paul II, Margaret Thatcher, and Ronald Reagan, three people who did more for peace in our lifetime than any recipient of the award with the drawdown and end to the Cold War without firing a shot. 

There is talk that this prize may spur a run for the Presidency, and to that I say, “Go for it, Al!”  Having Algore in the race would only serve to hurt SWMNBN, and rally the cook fringe around a candidate that has no chance of winning the national election. 

Al Gore, Spewer of Fire

Photo Courtesy of:  TexPundit

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