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Ew! NASCAR Fans!

Posted by Ryan on October 12, 2007

I watched a piece on Fox News after work today with a liberal friend who didn’t seem to get the story.  He was first uncomfortable, then indignant, and finally virtually apoplectic about the sheer gall of Fox News to run a story like that (to be fair, the mere existence of Fox News annoys him greatly)!

The story? 

How Representative Bennie Thompson (D-Mississippi), chairman of the Homeland Security Department, offered four DHS aides to get diphtheria, tentanus, influenza, and Hepatitis A and B vaccinations before going to check out a Concord, North Carolina, site for a NASCAR event.  Thompson said the shots were only a precaution, but Concord’s representative, Republican Robin Hayes, took offense to the suggestion saying, “We thought it was silly that you needed to get a vaccination to come to Concord to go to the NASCAR races. This is the greatest sport on Earth today and you sure don’t need a shot to come down here.”

I think this is priceless!  Libs, even libs from the South, just don’t understand when Southerner’s get offended by being called dumb, yokels, or in this case, potentially diseased.  They’ll wonder in 2008 why they’ll have to fight tooth and nail just to win a single Southern state.  NASCAR came out of the South, has a huge Southern and national following which makes it the second most watched sport in America!  This procedure may be protocol, but I wonder how many diphtheria vaccinations DHS offers to its aides monitoring football or baseball games?  I personally don’t watch NASCAR, nor do I like NASCAR, but I love how liberals squirm, put their noses way in the air, or simply believe that people interested in this sport are some kind of alien bumpkin from a third-world country.

Picture from How It Works.


3 Responses to “Ew! NASCAR Fans!”

  1. TRM said

    My Mother is a NASCAR fan and she got pretty pissed about this. I, like yourself, just thought it was funny to see everyone squirm… she made the point that the redneck, yokels you see at the flea markets down here in the south cannot afford NASCAR tickets so they are worrying about nothing… too funny

  2. Chris said

    A vaccination to go to North Carolina? Not only is that ridiculous but insulting. Like you Ryan, I love to watch them squirm about NASCAR and also Wal-Mart for that matter.

    Speaking of Wal-mart, something I love that they do is after they get denied in a state or city, they open up a store in the next town on the border of that state or city. The city or state that refused them eventually loses out on the revenue game….but I digress.

    They truly don’t get it and when they try to prop up their “Southern Democrat” (Breck Girl, aka John Edwards, in case anyone is wondering who I am talking about) they are further alienating the southern voters because they know he is a sellout who would have gotten shellacked in his Senate re-election campaign in 2004 if he wasn’t the VP nominee. He is so irrelevant that the only way he can fundraise is by enlisting his wife to attack SWMNBN or by trashing Annie C who we know will fight back. He tries to use her comments against him to get fundraising cash. He hasn’t exactly been the personification of morality in his career and that is continuing well into the 2008 campaign.

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