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Truth Matters Nothing to Media Matters

Posted by Mike on October 13, 2007

Media Matters is on a roll lately when it comes to lying about prominent conservatives. First, they took Bill O’Reilly’s words grossly out of context to falsely accuse him of being a racist. Then they took Rush Limbaugh’s words grossly out of context to falsely accuse him of insulting the military. Most recently, they took Ann Coulter’s statement of Christian doctrine grossly out of context to falsely accuse her of being anti-semitic. Newsbusters does a great job of dissecting that smear.

The Coulter hit piece is the third time in recent weeks that Media Matters has been caught distorting the truth to undermine prominent conservatives. Normally, three strikes means your out, but MM will stick around. Too many leftist sheep in the MSM and elsewhere will continue to eat up their brand of deception, but luckily this isn’t the 90s anymore. Even though the left owns the MSM and has an internet presence, conservatives now have media outlets too. That more than anything is the right’s best hope of stopping She Who Must Not Be Named next year.

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Annie C on the Republican Field

Posted by Ryan on October 13, 2007

Ann Coulter chimed in on the buzz surrounding two members of Republican field in her weekly article, Wednesday, entitled “Fred Sawyer and Huckabee Finn.”  In her classic Coulter style, she makes her point with humor, common sense and facts.  I also learned some unsettling things about Fred Thompson and Mike Huckabee. 

According to Annie C, many Republicans not happy with Romney or Giuliani have flirted with the idea of embracing Huckabee or Fred Thompson, but without really knowing where those two have been on some important issues.  In 1999 Fred Thompson bucked the overwhelming feeling of his constituents when he did not vote to convict President Clinton while Thompson was in the Senate during Zippergate.  I don’t care about the allegations of “laziness” or Fred being “dumb as hell”, but “high crimes and misdemeanors” needs to be a point where he and I need to see eye-to-eye, not as a dilemma between “two bad choices.”  In those cases, I’d rather my President err on the side of the law.  Huckabee seems to be quite pro-illegal, and Annie C quotes from Huckabee making him sound like one of those support-illegals-getting-privileges-and-rights-or-you’re-a-racist/bigot kind of people.  He also raised taxes in Arkansas during his tenure as governor.

I think Ann’s article is a public service for Republicans in this case.  I have been generally thinking I’d vote for Romney, but have been giving Huckabee and Thompson a look because I simply can’t vote for Giuliani in the primaries on principle.  So, in essence, this article was directed at me: the Republican primary voter not solidly behind any of the candidates so I’m looking down the list.  These revelations haven’t changed my mind, because I’m not really for anyone just yet.  However, it does make me think that I may be giving the other two a shot thinking that they are lesser known, really conservative candidates, when it turns out that they are flawed too.  No one’s perfect.  I understand that, but on obstruction of justice, perjury, illegals, and taxes, I need my candidate to be on the right side of the issue when they’ve had the chance to do something about it.  At least Romney’s flip-flop on abortion was in the right direction.

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