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Annie C on the Republican Field

Posted by Ryan on October 13, 2007

Ann Coulter chimed in on the buzz surrounding two members of Republican field in her weekly article, Wednesday, entitled “Fred Sawyer and Huckabee Finn.”  In her classic Coulter style, she makes her point with humor, common sense and facts.  I also learned some unsettling things about Fred Thompson and Mike Huckabee. 

According to Annie C, many Republicans not happy with Romney or Giuliani have flirted with the idea of embracing Huckabee or Fred Thompson, but without really knowing where those two have been on some important issues.  In 1999 Fred Thompson bucked the overwhelming feeling of his constituents when he did not vote to convict President Clinton while Thompson was in the Senate during Zippergate.  I don’t care about the allegations of “laziness” or Fred being “dumb as hell”, but “high crimes and misdemeanors” needs to be a point where he and I need to see eye-to-eye, not as a dilemma between “two bad choices.”  In those cases, I’d rather my President err on the side of the law.  Huckabee seems to be quite pro-illegal, and Annie C quotes from Huckabee making him sound like one of those support-illegals-getting-privileges-and-rights-or-you’re-a-racist/bigot kind of people.  He also raised taxes in Arkansas during his tenure as governor.

I think Ann’s article is a public service for Republicans in this case.  I have been generally thinking I’d vote for Romney, but have been giving Huckabee and Thompson a look because I simply can’t vote for Giuliani in the primaries on principle.  So, in essence, this article was directed at me: the Republican primary voter not solidly behind any of the candidates so I’m looking down the list.  These revelations haven’t changed my mind, because I’m not really for anyone just yet.  However, it does make me think that I may be giving the other two a shot thinking that they are lesser known, really conservative candidates, when it turns out that they are flawed too.  No one’s perfect.  I understand that, but on obstruction of justice, perjury, illegals, and taxes, I need my candidate to be on the right side of the issue when they’ve had the chance to do something about it.  At least Romney’s flip-flop on abortion was in the right direction.


4 Responses to “Annie C on the Republican Field”

  1. Mike said

    I love Annie C., but she only told half of the story. Fred did indeed vote to acquit on the perjury charge, but he also voted in favor of removing Bubba from office on the obstruction of justice charge. Thompson should have voted guilty on both, but it is unfair for Ann to leave out part of the story.

  2. rightonoz said

    Sounds as though you guys have a lousy choice here. Anyone else in the wings who might throw their hat in last minute?

    I know you have religious principles at work here, but from an outsider, Giuliani doesn’t sound too bad. I don’t have a problem with his infidelities, I know, wrong and all that, yes he should have been stronger, and abortion isn’t an issue for me. On BALANCE he seems at the right end of the spectrum and policies I could accept if I were an American voter.

    Thomson sounds like dumb & dumber as the days go by. Huckabee, again I have a slightly differing view on illegals than you so wouldn’t rule him out on that, but raising taxes during a growth economy, unless someone left him a mess to clear out, doesn’t sit well, but then I don’t support candidates who cut taxes for the rich and screw the poor, despite being one who benefits directly from tax cuts on high incomes. (perhaps maintaining taxes at a reasonable level would make it possible to pay GOOD Teachers as the professionals they are)

    Romney, I’m pro abortion, within limits so would not be in favour if I felt he would actively work to outlaw it.

    So, just goes to show, within conservatives there are so many shades there’s not going to be one candidate that is perfect.

    I could vote for Coulter – the sexiest leader in the free world WOW!

    Now lefties, all they have to do is pick the one that promises the greatest handouts! Guess it’s easier being a Dem when it comes to picking your candidate!!!

  3. Chris said

    Hey Oz!

    I agree with you about Annie C!

    It is a tough choice out there and it’s gotten a little tougher for many since Newt Gingrich had recently stated he will not seek the 2008 Republican nomination. Me personally, I like those at the top of the field, but I am not fully sold on Romney, I cannot vote for Giuliani in the primary due to his stances on social issues…I am comforted that he claims he’d nominate a justice in the vain of Scalia, Thomas, Roberts or Alito…I’d support him in the general, but I cannot in the primary. I really like Thompson and these days I’ve been siding more toward him, but I’m not fully there yet.

    Ryan is right…no Republican candidate is perfect in this election and also as Republicans, the party must think about who has the least chance of burning the Republican Party and the Conservative Movement…Nixon’s paranoia was detrimental to the party, Ford put Stevens on the Court, Bush 41 put Souter on the Court and had an inability to “Go Public,” Bush 43, unlike Reagan, thinks of himself as just a man and not the head of a Conservative Movement and is inconsistent with the practice of “Going Public.”

    No matter how different groups of the Republican party feel, for the benefit of the party, the Conservative Movement and the United States, they must come together and show a united front of support for the candidate whoever it may be. If they do not, we may be saying President SWMNBN. I am also praying, Oz, that Algore decides to take another stab at the presidency and as I stated a couple posts earlier, this possibility will not only make the campaign more fun (from a Conservative and Republican standpoint), but it is the one factor that could provide for the early derailment of SWMNBN.

  4. chukmaty said

    Only Ann could actually succeed in making Mike seem more liberal than Giuliani. A near impossible task…

    Mike Huckabee has been called a populist in the vein of John Edwards, here is the problem. Mike stands for workers shafted by the system, John stands for the welfare class.

    Mike is for eliminating taxes that are withheld and thus strengthening the American middle class. Since when is that not conservative?

    John Edwards would increase taxes on all who work. Mike would stand for the worker and entrepreneur as both often are one and the same and are the key to American success in the future.

    Mike being able to answer problems that conservatives typically just concede to the liberals, we need a guy who can pop, the likes of Hillary, on the chin on their own playground.

    On immigration Ann got it wrong again. Mike is for border enforcement and elimination of illegal immigration primarily so legal immigration would be improved.

    On his record in Arkansas, remember that he prevented many tax hikes by standing against a Democratic congress that held a 90 % advantage in the house. He has the experience to talk to liberals and draw them right, this has led the mentally shallow such as Ann Coulter and Jon Stewart to deduce incorrectly that he is a populist and pro bog gov.

    Mike Huckabee is/has
    -The MOST executive experience of anybody in the race
    -The strongest pro gun resume
    -Supports the FairTax which removes ALL withholding taxes and ends big biz’s role as a tax funnel for big Gov.
    -Is the strongest pro life candidat with only Alan Keyes coming close with a tie
    -Supports a strong FENCED border with a managable legal immigration situation without the ability of libs to accuse him of racism
    -He reaches voters that the republicans have given up on such as minority voters
    -He is the strongest evangelist to the left as to why they should be right wingers.
    -Strong track record of personal values including losing 110 lbs.
    -A health care plan that would take the power from Big Biz and Big Gov.

    Ann needs to stop lying about this conservative man who has support in votes that are disproportionate to the money he has raised.

    No special interest owns him and he is the #1 conservative in the race…


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