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Australian General Election of 2007

Posted by Mike on October 16, 2007

Prime Minister John Howard has called an election for November 24. Although we’d love to see him and his government win another term, it looks as though Howard’s government will be defeated by the Labor opposition and their leader Kevin Rudd.

Howard is hanging his party’s fortunes on Australia’s economy, but his support for the war in Iraq seems to be a drag on his popularity. Also unhelpful is the fact that he has been in power for eleven years. Voters in Parliamentary systems often suffer from “government fatigue,” even when times are good. Howard has his work cut out for him.

As for the opposition, it is difficult to gauge what this Kevin Rudd actually stands for. He is running on a platform of “freshness,” “a new generation,” and “change,” and doing so quite effectively. However, Labor’s campaign doesn’t seem too detailed when it comes to policy positions. That’s probably a wise move. Overtaxation, overregualtion, and support of union thuggery are topics best left until after the votes are counted.

I hope Howard finds a way to turn this around. Has anyone ever pulled a Harry Truman down there?

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Air America’s Hit-job

Posted by Ryan on October 16, 2007

Randi Rhodes, the pseudonym of an Air America talk-show host, was struck and apparently took a hard fall during a walk near her Manhattan home.  We really don’t know much more than that at this moment.  Rhodes uses a pseudonym because she fears the vast right-wing may besmirch her real name, family and/or reputation.  So in a seemingly knee-jerk reaction by Jon Elliott, another talk show host on the Air America network, the attack was posed as a possible “attempt by the right wing hate machine to silence one of our own.” He goes on: “Are we threatening them? Are they afraid that we’re winning? Are they trying to silence intimidate us?”

Wow!  Was Elliott serious?  Rhodes filed no police report as of yet and she did not go to the hospital, despite the claims that the attack cost Rhodes some of her teeth.  To be fair, Air America has distanced themselves from Elliott’s allegations because, of all things, the truth is absent from them and they were reckless.  The truth is that we don’t know anything accept that a woman was allegedly hurt in Manhattan and she is going to miss some work. 

This knee-jerk anti-right-wing reaction shows the depth of Air America’s demagoguery, insinuating that right-wingers are roaming the streets trying to attack liberal “freedom fighters” like Randi Rhodes.  Who the heck is Randi Rhodes anyway?  I generally make it a point to have my finger on the pulse of the “right-wing” and I can tell you anecdotally, Air America is a joke, not a serious intellectual threat, and even so, the right-wing chats about issues and ideas, not hit-jobs on unknown radio hosts.  In truth, if I didn’t have a friend who is one of the five listeners to Air America, I wouldn’t know her name either!  Whoever the perp is, they need to be dealt with as severely as anyone who strikes a person without cause and I hope whatever the problem is, Rhodes is alright.  But there’s the catch:  we don’t even know to what extent there was a perp in the first place since no police report has yet been filed!  In the words of the police: “do not investigate things that are unreported.”  And they call the right-wing reactionary!

UPDATE:  Word has is that she fell while walking her dog.  The third link found above has more on that.  Hat tip to Drudge for the link.

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