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Australian General Election of 2007

Posted by Mike on October 16, 2007

Prime Minister John Howard has called an election for November 24. Although we’d love to see him and his government win another term, it looks as though Howard’s government will be defeated by the Labor opposition and their leader Kevin Rudd.

Howard is hanging his party’s fortunes on Australia’s economy, but his support for the war in Iraq seems to be a drag on his popularity. Also unhelpful is the fact that he has been in power for eleven years. Voters in Parliamentary systems often suffer from “government fatigue,” even when times are good. Howard has his work cut out for him.

As for the opposition, it is difficult to gauge what this Kevin Rudd actually stands for. He is running on a platform of “freshness,” “a new generation,” and “change,” and doing so quite effectively. However, Labor’s campaign doesn’t seem too detailed when it comes to policy positions. That’s probably a wise move. Overtaxation, overregualtion, and support of union thuggery are topics best left until after the votes are counted.

I hope Howard finds a way to turn this around. Has anyone ever pulled a Harry Truman down there?


2 Responses to “Australian General Election of 2007”

  1. Chris said

    Scary how much that campaign sounds like the American Democrat Party…obscure, but we all know the truth.

  2. rightonoz said

    You guys are right. It is scary. Rudd is being so mid road, and claims to be an economic conservative.

    However he only claims that he will “overall” maintain a positive budget. How will he blow a 14B surplus? More handouts to every fringe group that makes a noise.

    He’s promised to overturn Workchoice. One of Howards regulations that gives employers the right to negotiate agreements with individual workers, and removes the blanket unfair dismissal law for businesses with less than 100 employees. Now that may on first glance sound unfair, however it has grown our employment numbers because businesses such as those I own do not have to be concerned about being dragged into court if we get rid of someone who under performs. Several years ago I had a technical specialist who always pushed to the very limit of being fired, which in those days was 3 written warnings in a 3 month period. If I had fired him I would have been up for probably $A100k of penalty, not because he didn’t deserve to be fired, but because the Unfair Dismissal Commissioner (appointed by Labor) boasted she had never made a decision in favour of an employer. Rudd wants to return to that.

    I already have a contingency to fire three people who are borderline, but I believe could respond to further development. Under Rudd I won’t be prepared to give them a further chance because if they don’t work out they would cost up to $30k each in dismissal costs.

    Under Howard I have been prepared to take a chance on new staff who don’t meet all my criteria but seem to have to potential to develop into good team members. Under Rudd that will cease immediately. Under Howard, with low interest rates I have been prepared to take a more aggressive investment strategy in my businesses. at the first sign of poor economic management under Rudd, I will cease that and only expand where I have a VERY high confidence and where I can do so without borrowing. 40% annual growth rate in my businesses is likely to drop to around 10-15%.

    On top of that, I know for certain that my taxes will increase (remember I don’t object to reasonable taxes to assist those at the bottom of the economy as long as it is not an open ended hand-out).

    We will go back to appeasing every local dictator (we allowed the Indonesians to invade Timor under Labor and did not even murmour when Australian Journalists were murdered by Indonesian Special Forces) Howard opened and inquiry that has shown just how much the Labor government of the time colluded with Indonesia and considered the Journalists expendable.

    Rudd has a history in Qld of being in favour of almost everything and spending large.

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