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Kevin Stuck in a Rudd?

Posted by Mike on October 18, 2007

The UK Spectator’s Coffee House has collected some articles showing that after just one week of campaigning in Australia’s General Election, Prime Minister John Howard’s government is gaining on the opposition Labor Party. One poll even shows Howard gaining nine points on the issue of which coalition leader would make a better Prime Minister.

Now I admit that wishful thinking motivated me to post this.  It may turn out that Howard’s surge is nothing more than a blip, but stranger things have happened. Although it is still more likely that Kevin Rudd will win the election, it is clear that John Howard is outcampaigning him. Whether Howard’s superior campaign skills are enough to turn the tide remains to be seen.  Let’s hope they are.

One Response to “Kevin Stuck in a Rudd?”

  1. rightonoz said

    We Live In Hope!

    Rudd’s latest campaign promise. Stop the tax cut for high earners (Howard has given tax cuts to everyone, the biggest % cut being for low income families)and give that money to lower income earners to buy home computers for their children (to sit on their backsides instead of playing sport and exercising and instead surf porn, etc.

    I’m all for everyone getting the opportunity to educate but it’s just another of Rudd’s ‘handout’ policies that appeal to the lower strata. For a perfect example of how effective handout politics can be look across the Tasman at New Zealand. Comrade Clark has been Prime Minister for longer than I can remember but every election she just hands out more money to the lower end of town and punishes those that get off their backsides.

    I have a daughter there who owns a pharmacy and is looking to sell up and just work as a pharmacist for someone else. It’s become all too hard to run your own business and manage staff. They suffer under a system that Rudd wants for here. You can never fire anyone, they can walk out whenever they want, and go get an unemployment handout.

    My daughter has two degrees, the same level of education as a doctor, in fact more in some areas of drug interaction and effects and the government gives them less and less for each prescription filled while handing out more and more to the unemployed and welfare cheats and if they do not pick up a doctor’s mistake and harm someone by supplying an incorrectly prescribed drug, they get charged, struck off and fined, not the doctor!

    They have to supply methadone to registered addicts who abuse their staff and customers… I could go on.

    The people’s paradise of New Zealand – I live in fear of Australia ending up the same!

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