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Sam Brownback Drops Out

Posted by Mike on October 18, 2007

Sam Brownback will drop out of the Republican race for President tomorrow.   Although he should applauded for his efforts to protect the rights of the unborn, Brownback’s departure is welcome.  The absence of Brownback will mean more time for the serious contenders, which will help our party make a more informed decision.  If only Ron Paul would follow Brownback’s lead. . .

Brownback was unable to break through the lower tier of candidates and this is no surprise.  He was a weak and unprincipled candidate on illegal immigration, at one point switching his amnesty vote on the Senate floor in the span of nine minutes.  To make matters worse, he was simply too boring to gain any traction.  She Who Must Not Be Named would have wiped the floor with him using the same broom she hopes to rename Air Force One.

That said, Brownback should continue to serve honorably in the US Senate.  The unborn are counting on it.


One Response to “Sam Brownback Drops Out”

  1. Ryan said

    I agree that amnesty and his Ned Flanders demeanor never made Brownback a serious contender in my book. I’m also glad to see him drop out of this race. He’s a great Senator on Life issues and may make an even better governor if he decides to run for that in 2010. But the money and attention in this race is now going to be slightly more focus on people who have a real chance at this point.

    I also agree that Libertarian Ron Paul needs to take the hint. Why do I have a suspicion that Paul is going third party anyway in the general and that by piggy-backing on being a “Republican” is just a ploy to get free press?

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