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Limbaugh’s $2,100,100 Letter

Posted by Ryan on October 19, 2007

Forty-one Senators signed a letter designed to scold radio talk-show host Rush Limbaugh for his alleged “phony soldiers” comment that has been discussed thoroughly on AOR.  So, when Rush was given the copy of the letter, which was sent to CEO Mark Mays of Clear Channel Communications Inc., he decided to have a little fun and auction it off on E-Bay!  The proceeds would go to the Marine Corps–Law Enforcement Foundation that gives financial, scholarship, and health care assistance to children of fallen Marines or Federal law enforcement officials. 

As a result, Rush gets to write them a $2,100,100.00 check– the largest non-profit bid in the history of E-Bay!  In fact, Rush said he would match the bid, so in fact, this non-profit organization will be receiving a check for over $4 million!  Harry Reid actually had the audacity after trying to ruin this man to thank Rush for this while repeatedly using the word “we” continuously— as if he and Mark Mays were the only ones that had something to do with the bidding angle here.  Nice try!  How about putting your money where your mouth is, Mr. Reid, and match the bid too!  I’m not holding my breath. 

Photo from Ansir.

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