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Romney Wins Values Voters Straw Poll

Posted by Mike on October 21, 2007

Even before the voting began, most outlets reported with surprise the fact that Mitt Romney was well received at the recent Values Voters Summit. This surprise was compounded when Romney won the straw poll held by the largely evangelical Christian group. Unfortunately, the media’s bewilderment over Romney’s success stems from a bigoted conventional wisdom that evangelical Christians would be reluctant to support a candidate who happens to be Mormon. Of course the conventional wisdom is no reflection on Christians. It is a reflection of the modern left’s bigotry against people of faith.

Liberal bigotry against evangelical Christians reared its ugly head in 2004 when the Kerry campaign honestly believed that evangelical Christians would stay home if they knew that Vice President Cheney has a daughter who happens to be a lesbian. Of course, southern Christians are not the bigots the Kerry campaign thought they were and actually turned out in record numbers to vote against the Democrat ticket. Unfortunately, the left did not learn its lesson in 2004 and continues to view southern religious conservatives as uneducated bigots who will refuse to support someone who is a little different. Once again, this view misses the mark.

Romney’s potential problem with evangelical Christians is his late conversion to the pro-life cause, not his faith. The Mormon religion believes in Jesus Christ as the Son of God, the sanctity of marriage between one man and one woman, and opposes abortion, homosexuality, pre-marital sex, and alcohol consumption. I can think of one group who has a problem with these beliefs and it isn’t evangelical Christians.

What is shocking is the media’s belief that they could turn one group of religious conservatives against another by repeating the fact that the candidate is a Mormon. If anything, the more evangelicals listen to Romney and actually discover that the Mormon faith is compatible with other branches of Christianity, the candidate’s support among this group may continue to expand. Romney’s growing support among the evangelical community is just further evidence that Mormonism is not Romney’s problem. The left is simply projecting their own bigotry.


4 Responses to “Romney Wins Values Voters Straw Poll”

  1. Salinger said

    Another noteworthy outcome of the straw poll is the strong showing by Mike Huckabee. Huckabee came in a close second to Romney (and was first among attendee voters), and continues to show that he is at least at the top of the second tier of candidates, if not inching up into the first tier. Also noteworthy is a Rasmussen Poll which shows Huckabee slightly behind Thompson for third place in Iowa. Huckabee also has the potential of taking a large part of the Brownback vote now that he has left the race. If Huckabee’s upward momentum continues, he could be a major contender with Romney, Giuliani, and Thompson.

  2. So would you vote for him? Do you think he may be our Republican nominee?


  3. Ryan said

    I think Romney’s hanging around near the top in the clutch states is to his benefit even though he’s down in the national polls. It’s going to be interesting to see whether or not Romney actually wins Iowa and/or New Hampshire, which could give him the momentum to take many of the other early states. Romney understands that it’s a 50 state primary, not a national poll contest.

    I cannot vote for Giuliani in the primaries on principle (he’s not an all-around Republican deep down), but I am considering a vote for Romney/Thompson/ maybe Huckabee. My state of New Jersey is going go with Giuliani, so my vote will not matter much, but thus far Romney articulates well, has the support of Bob Jones (and much of the Southern Christians will follow), is willing to address issues and talk to real people, and is running a smart targeted campaign thus far. He’s also defeated a liberal feminist woman back in 2002, so he knows how to beat women who try to use the gender card.

  4. Ryan,

    Thanks for getting back to me. I’m glad to hear such positive things about him! I asked Mitt’s brother Scott the other day at a meeting if Romney will join forces with Thompson. He said he couldn’t give any specifics, but it would be wise for the campaign if Mitt chose a southern senator to run with. (This meeting was in Tennessee)

    If they were to join forces there would be no stopping them! 🙂


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