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Spanish Judge Misjudges His Own Authority

Posted by Mike on October 22, 2007

The United States does not have a monopoly on out-of-control judges.  Take Spain for example.  A Spanish judge recently ordered the Catholic Church to cancel a Valencia man’s baptism certificate.  The Curt Jester rightly questions the court’s jurisdiction and suggests that the man seek out “John the Debaptizer” instead.  Heh.

In all seriousness though, I wonder how long it will take Justice Breyer to try to cite this Spanish decision as binding persuasive authority here in the U.S.?

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Bill Maher Experiences the Raw Left

Posted by Ryan on October 22, 2007

Bill Maher is a leftist and has said some pretty inflammatory things that have irked the Right and the mainstream, but even Maher can be in the crosshairs of the loony, moonbat Lefties!  This video from Friday night demonstrates how even Bill Maher can be a target of the Left-wing nut jobs, especially those 9/11 conspiracy nuts who sneak into a live audience to demand their voices be heard by shouting down the hosts. 

Bill loses it and charges one of them behind the security guards.  You can see his frustration as the shouting continues from all over his studio audience as he tried to continue his show.  If you play on the same neighborhood as these wackos, eventually they’ll come down your street.  Bill Maher experienced the far-left turning on the left-left in his own studio.

WARNING: the link contains a video with adult language and themes.

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Chavez’s Religious Emergency

Posted by Ryan on October 22, 2007

Hugo Chavez is creating a socialist paradise kingdom of his own.  We know he controls the media, we know he’s nationalized industry, we know he’s working with America’s enemies like Iran and Cuba, but now he’s setting his sights on the Catholic Church!  He doesn’t yet have control over the bishops, which came out recently against a proposed referendum which gives Chavez’s forces the power to detain citizens without charging them during “political” emergencies or natural disasters.  The referendum is expected to pass in December because even though it is an obvious power-grab at the expense of civil liberties, it promises to shorten the working day and provide more government handouts!  Woo hoo– an easier ride with half the freedoms!

So the Catholic Church is a bit upset about this blind attempted power-grab aimed at squashing dissent in Venezuela.  Chavez called the bishops “morally unacceptable” after they used the same phrase to describe this power-grab.  Since the RCC in Venezuela is still an independent organization that criticizes Chavez, look for the Church to be another stop on Chavez’s ultimate road to totalitarianism.  Now, the church is all about giving to the poor and generally supports quasi-socialistic tendencies when governments provide obtuse social securities to their people.  Many of the nations in Latin America are fervently Catholic and have strong welfare states.  This makes Chavez look even worse because the Church has the moral high ground on many local political issues as well, and Chavez knows it.  That’s what makes this a potentially dangerous situation brewing down the road.  Who knows?  Perhaps the Church may be involved in a “political” emergency of its own sometime soon.

Pic from Theodore’s World blog.

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