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California Continues to Burn

Posted by Ryan on October 23, 2007

The big story on all the networks and the Internet over the past two days has been the swiftly spreading wild fires that are ravaging Southern California.  About 518,000 people have already been evacuated form their homes, 1300 known structures have been ruined, 45 people have been injured including 16 firefighters who were hurt battling the blaze, hotels have been opened up to help the displaced, and people are even seeking refuge in the San Diego Charger’s Qualcomm Stadium

Hot temperatures, dry conditions and those notorious Santa Ana winds (which can gust from 70-100 mph) are the culprit for making this incident a full-blown disaster that has already torched an estimated 583 square miles as of this moment: an area larger than New York City and nearly half the size of Rhode Island.  President Bush and the Governator are already responding to the needs of the people at this time (thought I should at least get that on the record, you know, just in case), declaring seven counties a disaster area to speed up federal aid and sending in the National Guard, respectively. 

The weather is calling for more of the same for the next few days so we hope and pray for the the locals and first-responders during this difficult and tragic time.

AP photo.

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