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Bush’s “Great Society”

Posted by Ryan on October 24, 2007

The Ownership Society was supposed to have been a series of initiatives that President was looking to push in his second Administration.  It sounded good:  the more Americans own, the more they’ll care about their property and communities.  Instead of an Ownership Society, recent spending analysis shows that Bush beats Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society” in terms of an increase of spending during his tenure!  Check out this from the conservative CATO Institute:

Exposed is the domestic and conservative failure of President Bush:  he’s a pro-defense, tax-cutting big government Republican.  Hence, he also fails to be the true heir of Ronald Reagan.  If all of this extra spending was war-related, then give him a break, but this recent article indicates that even so, Bush (and the Republicans that sent him most of those bloated budgets) spent like crazy:  worse even than Jimmah Carter and LBJ, two icons of liberal spending!  For shame. 

I think this issue contributed to the depressed Republican vote last November.  Why wouldn’t it?  If there’s no substantive difference between liberals and Republicans except on the war, then at least make sure we have the right strategy in that war or the 2006 Election may be a sobering preview of 2008!  

The accusations against the Republicans of being drunk with power and swallowed whole by the Washington establishment have been true in regards to discretionary spending.  If one’s spending rivals LBJ, then there’s no hope for you.  Sure, the deficit’s down and Bush has found new fiscal responsibility since getting a Democrat Congress, but that doesn’t reflect his true self.  When given a Republican Congress and the political capital to push initiatives, Bush chose to follow the path of being fiscally irresponsible with much of the people’s money… on a level that rivals Mr. Modern Liberal Big Government himself, LBJ.

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Obama Gaffes

Posted by Sal on October 24, 2007

The darling candidate of the media is in a freefall.  Barak Obama does not run a politically-smart campaign.  First, he declares that he refues to wear flag lapel pins as a sign of his patriotism, and that he stopped wearing them after 9/11.  Now, in his latest gaffe, at a steak fry event for Sen. Tom Harkin (D-IA), Obama does not put his hand on his heart during the national anthem (picture below courtesy of Time Magazine Online). 

Poor Obama.  He just can’t win.  This all after saying that he would invade Pakistan while inviting Hugo Chavez to the White House for a beer.  These missteps show that Obama does not have what it takes to run an effective Presidential campaign in the general election, let alone be our Commander in Chief.  Unfortunately, that leaves us with the prospect of SWMNBN, and that is not pretty. 

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