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Big Brother 8: CBS Loses Even More Credibility

Posted by Mike on October 27, 2007

From the cut and paste editing of E.D. Donato, to the Diary Room influencing the votes, to changing the rules in the middle of the game, the hit CBS show Big Brother 8 was one of the most rigged television game shows since the old version of 21.  Until now, people had to rely on their own eyes and deductive reasoning to reach this obvious conclusion.  Now we have evidence straight from the horse’s mouth.

One of the major elements of the big Brother game is the power of veto.  Contestants’ decision to use or not use the power often determines who is eliminated and can shift the game’s balance of power.  One week last season, contestant Eric Stein won this power and CBS played clip after clip of Stein discussing the pros and cons of using and not using the power of veto.  Had Stein used the power, it most likely would have led to the elimination of one of CBS’s favorite contestants, E.D. or Daniele Donato.   Unfortunately, CBS was lying through their teeth every time they showed Stein discussing his “decision.”

As the network of Dan Rather and Mary Mapes was telling their audience that Stein faced a major decision, the show’s producers had already told Stein that he forbidden to use the power of veto, effectively rigging that week as they had done previously for their favorite contestant and ultimate winner, E.D. Donato.

Last summer, CBS broadcast programs called Big Brother 8 and Power of 10. Too bad the former was no better than the old version of 21.  At the very least, Allsion Grodner should be replaced as the show’s producer.


One Response to “Big Brother 8: CBS Loses Even More Credibility”

  1. Ryan said

    I knew something was up! Thanks for the follow-up post because it’s vindication. I liked Big Brother since I’ve started watching Season 5, but BB8 has turned me off. As long as that Grodner woman is still in charge, there is no reason to watch a rigged show. All the drama is gone, all the suspense is gone, all the skills one brings to the show are meaningless. I agree: the channel of Dan Rather and Mary Mapes now has Allison Grodner to add to the ever increasing CBS Wall of Shame.

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