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Iran Rips America, Israel

Posted by Ryan on October 27, 2007

Not being ambiguous on how they feel about America and Israel, the Iranian military had an inspection march for Ayatollah Ali Khamenei where Zulfiqar (the Sword of Ali) rips through a Star of David and an American flag!  Of course, taking a cue from the leftist moonbat sentiment here in America, the American flag is decorated with a red swastika rather than with stripes.  And what does Iran do with homosexuals?  How does Iran feel about the Jews?  How do we treat those and other groups here in America?  Right.  Iran suffers from the same historical ignorance and lack of perspective that some of today’s college students enjoy, except Iran’s is for propaganda only.

This video from MEMRI (Middle East Media Research Institute) highlights the extremism coming from Iran not just from Mahmoud (which we are used to seeing), but from the leader of the Islamic Council that actually rules Iran.  This comes on the heels of the USA slapping major sanctions on Iran this past Thursday in an attempt to show Iran we’re not messing around. 

The truth is that these sanctions will only work if Europe is on board since Russia and China are being obstructionist ninnies on this whole ordeal.  Economic pressure can break Iran’s back and get them to behave in regards to their nuclear program and the IRG in Iraq, but only if others get involved to add more pressure.  I also believe that the real threat of force is the only way to keep Iran guessing, making them think through every move just that much more carefully.  Some in this country don’t get it, so here’s how it works:  we leave real force on the table where everyone can see it, thereby decreasing the likelihood we actually use it (think Reagan in the 1980s).


One Response to “Iran Rips America, Israel”

  1. TRM said

    I am reaonably sure that there are agents at work in Iran advancing the “internal” overthrow of the Iranian “govt.” I wish them G-D speed. If it doesn’t work, then we had better not pussy foot around, we have to go in hard and fast and with overwhelming aggression.

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