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Boris Johnson Imperiused

Posted by Mike on November 1, 2007

Boris Johnson, the Conservative Party candidate for Mayor of London, has been placed under the imperius curse by She Who Must Not Be Named.  Although Johnson has never been one to simply tow his party’s line, he has never actually gone off the deep end. Now, by his own admission, he is endorsing “a woman who seems to have acted out the role of First Lady, from 1993 to 2000, like a mixture between Cherie Blair and Lady Macbeth, stamping her heel, bawling out subordinates and frisbeeing ashtrays at her erring husband.”

This endorsement is a coup for SWMNBN for several reasons. It virtually ensures that she will avoid one of John Kerry’s gaffes from 2004, claiming the support of foreign leaders without being able to name any. It will add credibility to her proclaimed desire to restore America’s reputation around the world. Finally, the fact SWMNBN has a British Conservative on her side rather than a Syrian Baathist dictator already distinguishes her from the other powerful woman in American politics, Nancy Pelosi. Once again she can use her fellow liberals as a foil in her bid to pretend to be moderate.

I still want Boris as Mayor of London, but let’s hope the folks in middle America are more resistant to the Imperius Curse than he was.

Photo via Yahoo News

One Response to “Boris Johnson Imperiused”

  1. Ryan said

    First, great frickin’ hair!

    Second, “a mixture between Cherie Blair and Lady MacBeth…”??? Here’s another ringing endorsement from the article: “How can I possibly want [SWMNBN]? I mean, she represents, on the face of it, everything I came into politics to oppose: not just a general desire to raise taxes and nationalise things, but an all-round purse-lipped political correctness.”

    MUST be the imperius curse… the crazy hair, the dazed look, the nonsensical and blind support of what he perceives as the least evil America can produce next year… Mind control… Yup, mind control… Watch your Kool-Aid folks!

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