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Dick Morris on Huckabee

Posted by Ryan on November 2, 2007

Dick Morris always underestimates the national strength of the Republican Party, but as an advisor to Bill Clinton and knowing She Who Must Not Be Named for years, he obviously has an innate bias that comes out occasionally in his analysis.  That being said, Dick Morris has a special take on Republican Mike Huckabee:  Huckabee is a “gripping, humorous, passionate orator that brings a spiritual dimension to public-policy problems.”  In fact, Morris thinks that Huckabee might even have a chance to overtake Giuliani, or position himself as the obvious Veep choice, as a way for Giuliani to placate the South.

Huckabee is likable and good on most issues.  I even flirted with supporting him outright, though I don’t completely back anyone in the race yet.  My issue with Huckabee is that he is a typical “big government”-style Republican, like President Bush and Tom Delay, who were right on most of the issues, but fiscally are not too responsible. 

I also have an ungrounded, immaterial and somewhat superstitious fear about Mike Huckabee:  he gives me an Adlai Stevenson vibe, meaning he’s smart, likable and reflects his party, but ends up losing the race for some reason.  I know 2008 is absolutely not 1952 or 1956 (when Stevenson lost to Eisenhower twice!), but I’m just saying that I get a vibe.  I like Huckabee, but with Romney’s money and organization and the name recognition of Giuliani, it’s hard to see how Huckabee’s grassroot support gets him to the top spot at his point.  However, just in case, he should keep doing what he’s been doing.

Huckabee pic from HHS.  Pin pic from the Hudson Library.

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One Giant Assumption

Posted by Mike on November 2, 2007

What makes Barry Bonds think the writers would even vote to induct a cheater into the Hall of Fame?*

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