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More Trouble in Pakistan

Posted by Ryan on November 3, 2007

Word out of Pakistan is that “President” and General Pervez Musharraf has declared a national state of emergency only a few weeks before the Pakistani Supreme Court’s decision on whether or not his October 6 election was legal.  Bush and our European friends have told Musharraf to let the democratic process flow without interference, but Musharraf’s aides have convinced him to lock down the nation before the decision comes down.  He could say that this action is necessary in case the Supreme Court tosses out his election and a peaceful transition is necessary (with al Qaeda and the Taliban running relatively free in the northern provinces and trying to assassinate Benazir Bhutto), but the reality is that this is quite an intimidating message to the Supreme Court before their decision, which also gives his government the excuse to remain in power for the foreseeable future if Musharraf decides not to accept defeat.


2 Responses to “More Trouble in Pakistan”

  1. kip said

    Doesn’t this kind of put us in a no-win situation? Musharraf was playing a delicate balancing act with the extremists. We’re supposed to support democracy, but we need this guy as a buffer.

  2. Ryan said

    I agree that this kind of stinks on our end. We need Pakistan’s support against al Qaeda and a US-friendly governemtn in charge of their nukes, but we need to show that we support democracy and political stability at the same time. Even if Musharaf backs off, the damage has already been done to his credibility So, yes, I agree that this is a no-win situation.

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