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Walter Mondale Endorses She Who Must Not Be Named

Posted by Mike on November 4, 2007

Grateful to finally see a candidate as liberal as he, Jimmy Carter’s Vice President and one-state winner Walter Mondale has endorsed She Who Must Not Be Named for President. The Senator from New York is said to feel honored by the endorsement.

I know many conservatives are hoping that she will also feel honored enough to take some campaign advice from Mr. 1984.  If her proposals are any indication, she already has.

AP photo


2 Responses to “Walter Mondale Endorses She Who Must Not Be Named”

  1. wickle said

    Wow … that’s shocking!

    I mean, who knew he was still alive?

    Actually, this might be good. A Mondale endorsement has got to be good for at least a 1 or 2 point drop in the primaries. Maybe someone like Kucinich or Gravel should run with the slogan “Not endorsed by Mondale.”

  2. Chris said

    Good point, Wickle. Something we all know is that the Democrat Party is the Party of the Losers. They promote and raise up every major loser of the past 20 years: Jimmah, McGovern, Mondale, Algore, John Kerry, to name a few (really hard to raise up Dukakis…unless you find a few large telephone books…even then, he’ll still look like a bobble-head on a tank …sorry I couldn’t resist).

    Wickle, I was asking that same question in the 2002 Minnesota Senatorial election because it sure looked like it. As we have seen in history, when the old liberal losers get up to support the new liberal losers, that tends to be a death blow and hopefully, this will continue with SWMNBN’s campaign.

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