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Michael Barone on Immigration Politics

Posted by Ryan on November 5, 2007

She Who Must Not Be Named’s inept and misleading answer to the Eliot Spitzer question last week opened a real political can of worms for the Democrats that has been lingering since this past May.  Esteemed political analyst, Michael Barone, makes a solid argument that the Democrats and President Bush are truly and recognizably out of sync with the American public on this issue and this issue is too important to ignore. 

The real question, as Barone sees it, is what do Democrats do about this issue next year?  John McCain is the only Republican rube left on this issue and he probably won’t win the nomination, but SWMNBN, Edwards and O’Bama are all going to have to explain their positions in a politically uncomfortable way since they’re all on record being on the wrong side of the issue.  In fact, since the Dems are so fearful of upsetting the Latino voter, they’ve forgotten, well, everyone else!  Barone points out that for the first time in his lifetime, the Democrat and Republican position on this issue is going to be markedly different, and in the Republican’s favor. 

He sites a metric for this point of view in regards to Massachusetts’ special election where a Democrat only got 51% of the vote in an election where illegal immigration was one of the top two issues.  This was a very safe Democrat district and the Republican kept it close by using, among other things, this issue.  The Republicans can seize this popular momentum and tighten up some local races next year in Democrat districts.  Add Giuliani at the top of the Republican ticket and an even larger advantage opens up. 

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