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Just Prove Who You Are.

Posted by Mike on November 6, 2007

With another election year fast approaching, the issue of voter fraud is sure to rear its ugly head. While it is always the Democrats who play the role of sore losers while demanding reform, they are also the party that fights laws which merely require people to prove that they are who they say they are before casting a ballot. You see, it is much harder to cheat when carded at the polls.

Right now, many states are either implementing or debating their own voter ID requirements, but the most encouraging story comes from Michigan. Michigan is a blue state. It isn’t as Democrat-leaning as other leftist paradises like Massachusetts or California, but it still a difficult state for the Republicans to win. This voter ID law will not turn Michigan into a red state, but it’s shade of blue just got a little lighter.

I’m sure the Democrats won’t mind though. After all, they say they just want fair elections. Right.

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Impeaching Cheney

Posted by Ryan on November 6, 2007

Ohio Representative Dennis Kucinich, a Democrat candidate for President, went to the floor of the House of Representatives today and introduced Articles of Impeachment against Vice President Richard B. Cheney.  Surprisingly, the vote was close, 218-194, to table the whole motion to the Judiciary Committee.  Michelle Malkin has full coverage of this on her blog today, including a copy of the articles, which include that Cheney:

  • intentionally fabricated the WMD threat in Iraq (so I guess since the rest of the world did too, they must all get Halliburton dollars too!)
  • alleged a mysterious connection between Iraq and al Qaeda (for more see AQI’s Zarqawi… oops, he’s dead by an American bomb back in June 2006)
  • tried to make it seem like Iraq was a real threat when it wasn’t (a few dozen rich guys in caves in Afghanistan pulled off the killing of nearly 3000 Americans in one morning, but a declared enemy of America who funded Palestinian suicide bombers, who thumbed his nose at the international community in regards to the clandestine aspects of his WMD program, who once used WMDs against his own people, who was stealing money from the UN at the expense of his own people, who was shooting at American Air Force pilots almost daily in the no-fly zones, was just sitting there thinking of ways to have more kids fly kites in Baghdad).

There was some drama involved with all of this on the House floor.  After Kucinich’s unintentionally comical speech, the Democrats noticed that the Republicans were voting in large numbers to continue the debate.  Uh oh!  So, moderate Democrats quickly flocked back to change their votes to prevent future Republican campaign commercial footage by allowing Kucinich to continue to banter.  When the Republicans won with the help of some liberal moonbats, 162-251, John Conyers and Steny Hoyer used parliamentary procedures to table the entire proposal into committee where it now sits.  

Even the actuallyonce impeached Alcee Hastings said Kucinich “is on a quest of his own. He sees flying saucers and he acts like one.”  It’s times like these when I love watching the Democrats– Kucinich is truly a product of their wackiness, even though they’d like to lock him down in the basement when the guests arrive.

AP photo.

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The Media’s Death Count Returns

Posted by Ryan on November 6, 2007

The Mainstream Media (MSM) hasn’t gotten enough bad news out of Iraq lately and it seemed like they’ve been getting frustrated.  In fact, the Anbar Awakening, the success of the Surge, and a recent influx of Iraqi’s back into their country have really put a downer on the MSM’s paradigm of Bush’s abysmal failure as of late. 

However, one can always count on the MSM to find something ghoulish to quietly cheer about:  2007 has been the bloodiest year for American soldiers in the Iraq War!  Despite all the good news and significantly lower casualty rates lately, 854 of our finest have been killed in action thus far this year in Iraq beating out 2004 as the previously most deadly.   

The MSM’s obsession with body counts continues with vim and vigor!  Though these kinds of counts are important, I’d also (from time to time) like to hear about the clean water facilities we’ve installed, the schools and other public buildings we’ve built, the areas that were once dangerous that are now not, consistent reporting on enemy losses (unless of course the MSM thinks we’rethe enemy of peace), the progress being made in rooting out al Qaeda in specific areas, etc.  But, as the old saying goes, “if it bleeds, it leads,” so I won’t hold my breath waiting for news of substance from the MSM whose minds are already made up about the war, despite the new hope and latest trends.  While we need to hear about our losses, in the spirit of balance I’d also at least like to hear about the fruits of those sacrifices.  But I suppose that’s too much to expect from the MSM on this issue.

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