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Impeaching Cheney

Posted by Ryan on November 6, 2007

Ohio Representative Dennis Kucinich, a Democrat candidate for President, went to the floor of the House of Representatives today and introduced Articles of Impeachment against Vice President Richard B. Cheney.  Surprisingly, the vote was close, 218-194, to table the whole motion to the Judiciary Committee.  Michelle Malkin has full coverage of this on her blog today, including a copy of the articles, which include that Cheney:

  • intentionally fabricated the WMD threat in Iraq (so I guess since the rest of the world did too, they must all get Halliburton dollars too!)
  • alleged a mysterious connection between Iraq and al Qaeda (for more see AQI’s Zarqawi… oops, he’s dead by an American bomb back in June 2006)
  • tried to make it seem like Iraq was a real threat when it wasn’t (a few dozen rich guys in caves in Afghanistan pulled off the killing of nearly 3000 Americans in one morning, but a declared enemy of America who funded Palestinian suicide bombers, who thumbed his nose at the international community in regards to the clandestine aspects of his WMD program, who once used WMDs against his own people, who was stealing money from the UN at the expense of his own people, who was shooting at American Air Force pilots almost daily in the no-fly zones, was just sitting there thinking of ways to have more kids fly kites in Baghdad).

There was some drama involved with all of this on the House floor.  After Kucinich’s unintentionally comical speech, the Democrats noticed that the Republicans were voting in large numbers to continue the debate.  Uh oh!  So, moderate Democrats quickly flocked back to change their votes to prevent future Republican campaign commercial footage by allowing Kucinich to continue to banter.  When the Republicans won with the help of some liberal moonbats, 162-251, John Conyers and Steny Hoyer used parliamentary procedures to table the entire proposal into committee where it now sits.  

Even the actuallyonce impeached Alcee Hastings said Kucinich “is on a quest of his own. He sees flying saucers and he acts like one.”  It’s times like these when I love watching the Democrats– Kucinich is truly a product of their wackiness, even though they’d like to lock him down in the basement when the guests arrive.

AP photo.


5 Responses to “Impeaching Cheney”

  1. Anonymous said

    I always like when right winger’s bring up the gassing of the kurds as a reason to invade iraq. My question is where did he get the gas? Who sold it to him? If gassing his own people is a reason to topple a government, surely selling him the gas should also be a cause for concern.
    A paper not owned by the moonies had this to say:

  2. TRM said

    So anonymous, in a perfect world, besides firing Cheney, who would you rather see in that office and what action should be taken?

    I heard a guy call El Rushbo’s show today by the name of “Mo” from Ohio. He blurted out that Cheney and Rice both purchased insurance on the WTC weeks prior to the airplane attacks. He was implying that the Bush admin knew about it, blah blah blah I don’t care if we did sell him the gas, Saddam had to go. So he went…

  3. TRM said

    Oh yeah, Kucinich’s wife is hot and we had a make out session years ago at club 54

  4. Chris said

    Before I touch on the comments of anonymous, a couple other points. 1) TRM: I have to disagree on Kucinich’s wife being “hot.” Attractive to very attractive at best, not hot. I do think however that Dukakis telephone book rule should apply when he stands next to her. 2) Alcee Hastings, an impeached judge and Florida Congressman, even thinks he is a moonbat.

    Now, Anonymous, to your comments. You accuse the United States of partial responsiblity for the gassing of the Kurds. Let me remind you, anonymous, about this world. Hopefully by now, your liberal head is out of the sand (I think not, but here I go). This world is a dangerous place and many times, we have to choose between the lesser of two evils. In this case back in the 80s, Iran, the problem that Jimmah caused, was much more pressing than Iraq. They were seen as more dangerous, not only to us, but to our allies, and it was for that reason we had to work in concert with others we may not necessarily like, as had been done in Iraq.

    Liberals like youself, Anonymous, don’t understand this and it hurts our national security and every American’s safety…this same principle one former sentator from my state (I am ashamed to say) didn’t get when he tried to inject himself into the way the CIA does business something he knows little about (it has nothing to do with getting watches and suits from a particular donor serving time…but I digress) but because he was a Senator he thinks he did.

    This is not the 1920s anymore where we have 2 oceans protecting us…it is a different time and we have to work with people we may not necessarily agree with or like to defeat the larger enemy at hand and I hope that our government will continue to take this initiative, despite what the head in the sand liberals think.

  5. TRM said

    ‘Ole TRM has been away from the missus for awhile so most anything looks hot these days…

    Nice points made to try and help anonymous with his stinkin thinkin… podium jockey politicians who have never fired a weapon or been fired at, have no business telling warfighters how to do their job’s…

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