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A Lighter Blue New Jersey

Posted by Ryan on November 7, 2007

In yesterday’s state elections and ballot referenda, New Jersey voters made a small but noticeable statement to stop spending like it’s not our own money.  The centerpiece of this message came from the issue of stem cell research.  Democrat Governor Jon Corzine had been pushing for a whopping $450 million ballot initiative to fund stem-cell research.  The initiative when down!  This is a pretty big statement given the Governor’s fervent support for this issue.  But he did get the legislature to raise the sales tax from 6% to 7%.  Not cool.  Also, some key local seats went to moderate candidates who promised to slow down the spending and get the books in order. 

While the Democrats still rule the Garden State, they got a message that the populace needs them to be more fiscally responsible or else!  I’m not holding my breath, though.  This is one of those states where a Giuliani candidacy would definitely have coattails.  Fiscally, NJ’s leaning to the Right and lost nearly 1000 people on 9/11, but socially this state is abortion’s Mecca, we’re just a court case away from gay marriage, and have a thriving (yet strangely unmotivated) Marijuana Party.


2 Responses to “A Lighter Blue New Jersey”

  1. Chris said

    Election Day in New Jersey is rarely a happy day these days, but I do agree that there was some light shining throught the thick clouds and heavy fog that is NJ Politics. My favorite moment of the day was Jennifer Beck’s defeat of State Senator Ellen Karcher in the 12th. She was outspent 6 to 1 by the Dems, but still prevailed. A few years ago, Karcher won that seat with the help of a detailed Asbury Park Press series of hitpieces that rivaled the Washington Compost’s destruction of George Allen’s and Michael Steele’s candidacy in VA and MD, respectively. The paper went after then Senator John Bennet and attacked/accused him of corruption and ethics violations. The articles were very one-sided and overlooked the many Corruption issues of Democrats across the state (as I have said before, NJ is the Louisiana of the North these days).

    The 12th District serves central Monmouth County and some very affluent areas such as Colts Neck, Fair Haven and Millstone that have historically voted Republican and Karcher’s win back in the day was thought to be revolutionary for that area. The Republicans got it back and for NJ, that’s a start.

    In NJ these days Democrats will prevail for a few reasons:

    – The Population trends Democrat. Counties such as Middlsex, Essex, Hudson and Camden are highly populated and dominated by urban voters.

    – The solid Republican counties: Morris, Somerset, Sussex, Warren and Cape May Counties are not enough to carry the state. Monmouth and Bergen used to be solid Republican but that voting population is being diluted due to Democrats moving into some of the affluent towns (Ridgewood, Paramus, Tenafly, Marlboro, Manalapan, Spring Lake, Deal, Westfield in Union County, etc). Within Bergen, Route 4 does not divide R & D anymore.

    – The Republican Party in NJ is not a viable distinct alternative, but a mish-mash of RINO politicians who are just “Democrat Lite”

    – NJ voters are uninformed due to the lack of their own television affiliate…and even less read a newspaper daily.

    Republicans have a lot of work to do, but they must remember to act like real Republicans and provide a strong alternative to the corrupt Democrats running this state into the ground.

  2. Bob said

    The interesting thing is a caller on Thursday’s Rush Limbaugh program was complaining about the state always voting democrat. Rush said, “It’s NJ, what do you expect?” I live an a pretty afluent area of Middlesex county and the dems own this place. If the GOP cannot make inroads (they don’t even run a candidate for town council) here where can they make them? In the last 20 years the state has become a 6th borough of NYC. The only difference is we are behind Staten Island in GOP voting. NJ voters seem to want more handouts than there are people willing to supply them. Unions are too strong, media is too weak, and the populus is too dumb.

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