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Posted by Ryan on November 7, 2007

The former adulterer-in-chief understands what has been happening to She Who Must Not Be Named’s campaign over the last week:  it’s hit a bump and one of the tires may have a slow leak.  Weighing in, he decided to compare the “politics of pile-on” to the Swift Boat campaign waged against John “F’in” Kerry back in 2004.  Barry O’Bama had some choice words about comparing SWMNBN’s exposure as a poor-me politician to being called out by vets, essentially saying that it didn’t make sense, while Chris Dodd chimed in saying that it was “way over the top” in his view. 

On top of the whole thing, what’s wrong with the Swift-Boat folks anyway?  They had the same 527 campaign finance status as Moveon did in 2004 and exercised their right to have their voice heard.  Kerry put himself out there by making Vietnam an issue in the campaign and got called-out on the actions he took when he returned home by those who knew him over there.  The Swift Boat Veterans for Truth wanted their story told since they were upset by Kerry’s lies about what US troops like them were doing in ‘Nam. 

SWMNBN is the frontrunner.  She’s getting attacked because other people want to have the job she’s running for.  However, she definitely isn’t handling it well.  The press loves to see people crash and burn.  I have to admit that I would too in this case. 

So, I guess a fresh buzz going around the blogosphere at the moment is that “swiftboating” is now a verb which means: to tell the truth about Democrats.  I think it’s great to see Dem dump on Dem for a change and every time a new phrase can be used in the popular political lexicon against one’s opponent is a wonderful moment in that campaign!  I have heard this phrase used before as such, but when the big guns start using it against each other like this, we’ve reached a level of moksha in that campaign.  Keep it coming!

Hat tip to Michelle Malkin.  Pic from MyNBC.


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