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Dripping With Irony

Posted by Mike on November 8, 2007

One would think that the Senator who, for some mysterious reason, drove his car off a bridge into a river, leaving the woman inside the car to drown to death would have the good sense to avoid a graphic description of drowning. At least waterboarding involves terrorists rather than an innocent woman. Then again, one would also think he’d have the good sense not to name his dog “splash.”

In the swimmer’s defense though, maybe he was referring to a splash of vodka. Who knows?

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Stiffing an American Person

Posted by Ryan on November 8, 2007

She Who Must Not Be Named is a bad tipper.  In an early October trip to the Maid Rite Diner in Marshalltown, Iowa, SWMNBN showed up with her entourage and sampled the “loose meat sandwich” (… I won’t go there) and spoke to a waitress named Anita Esterday.  After the pit-stop, SWMNBN and her entourage forgot to leave a tip.  However, that didn’t stop SWMNBN from using Esterday’s story at her next campaign stop.  When contacted, SWMNBN’s campaign said that they left a $100 tip on a $157 bill, but Esterday never got any of the tip money.  Drudge digs up a similar story about a time when SWMNBN stiffed a waitress during her 2000 Senatorial campaign

So what does tipping say about people?  I don’t know.  If the service is good/great then one should tip, but if the service was horrible then I’ve been known to stiff people, or leave exact change and drop a 15-cent tip.  I tip pretty well, about three times tax, which adds up to about 18-24% in the states I usually dine in.  Apparently that’s etiquette.  I think one should spread the good karma around, and if the tip is decent enough, the waitstaff will have fond memories of you in case you ever return.  Plus, I’ve worked in food service in college and I know what it’s all about to be on the other side. 

Yet, if I were a wealthy Senator from New York with a husband who used to be President and the ambition to have that job myself, I’d tip from my own pocket or my own hands rather than leave it to the functionaries around me, damn the security issues!  It would just show a bit of populist class.  I think this apparent pattern of behavior indicates that SWMNBN doesn’t seem to care much about people who can’t directly help her obtain power.  Which is what makes this even worse, since SWMNBN used Esterday’s story later that day to guarantee that if SWMNBN were President, the Anita’s of America would get more pay and respect!  Shameless. 

UPDATEAnita is still standing by her story!

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