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Lions For Lambs… but I Like Steak!

Posted by Ryan on November 10, 2007

The new Robert Redford/Tom Cruise/Meryl Streep movie, Lions for Lambs, has generated some controversy.  I have no idea why.  It seems like the typical anti-war movie wrapped in a pseudo-intellectualism that tends to bring up more questions than it answers which I guess is supposed to get us to “think” like the writers do.  Some have even called it “an op-ed piece masquerading as a motion picture” (see the pic link below for more). How is that controversial in today’s Hollywood? 

It also somehow gets lauded by critics, but panned by viewers (but that’s a typical phenomenon in my opinion, not limited to these kinds of movies).  According to some reviews of this film, it’s too talky and really boring for most of the film.  I am boycotting the film because I don’t want to encourage more films like this being made that, according to the reviews, puts our troops and our place in the world in a bad light.  I hear that everyday from Liberals at work and on the MSM that for some reason I still watch from time to time.  Why spend $10 to hear what I’ve been saturated with daily for free?

But, go ahead, watch this film, tell me what you think and try to answer this question for me:  Why should I see it? “I” referencing a pro-soldier, pro-mission, intelligent, conservative Reagan Republican like myself who’s inundated daily with anti-war, anti-troop propaganda from an irresponsible media and politically motivated Democrats.  Why should “I” see this movie… and maybe I will.

Pic from Worst

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Another Reason To Dislike John McCain

Posted by Mike on November 10, 2007

John McCain recently gave an interview on Whiffleball with his dear mother. During this interview, Mrs. McCain discounted Mitt Romney’s effective leadership during the 2002 Olympics. According to the Senator’s mother, Romney shouldn’t get credit for turning around the Olympics because he is a Mormon, and was “the Mormons” who caused the pre-Romney scandal to begin with. McCain “bravely” and immediately chimed in that his mother’s views were “not necessarily” his own.

This act of political cowardice is going to hurt McCain’s campaign just as he was beginning to repair the damage done during his summer push for amnesty. Sure, McCain votes the right way more often than not, but he just isn’t likeable. His maverick moments always seem to happen at the very moments when conservative policies need his support. He kisses up to the media. Now he sends out his mother to level a sleazy attack he wouldn’t dare utter himself. That’s the type of thing She Who Must Not Be Named usually does, though the witch is at least smart enough not to sit right next to her attack dogs on national television while they’re doing it. And she certainly doesn’t hid behind her mother. (To be fair, it is physically impossible for SWMNBN to hide behind anyone).

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