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Lions For Lambs… but I Like Steak!

Posted by Ryan on November 10, 2007

The new Robert Redford/Tom Cruise/Meryl Streep movie, Lions for Lambs, has generated some controversy.  I have no idea why.  It seems like the typical anti-war movie wrapped in a pseudo-intellectualism that tends to bring up more questions than it answers which I guess is supposed to get us to “think” like the writers do.  Some have even called it “an op-ed piece masquerading as a motion picture” (see the pic link below for more). How is that controversial in today’s Hollywood? 

It also somehow gets lauded by critics, but panned by viewers (but that’s a typical phenomenon in my opinion, not limited to these kinds of movies).  According to some reviews of this film, it’s too talky and really boring for most of the film.  I am boycotting the film because I don’t want to encourage more films like this being made that, according to the reviews, puts our troops and our place in the world in a bad light.  I hear that everyday from Liberals at work and on the MSM that for some reason I still watch from time to time.  Why spend $10 to hear what I’ve been saturated with daily for free?

But, go ahead, watch this film, tell me what you think and try to answer this question for me:  Why should I see it? “I” referencing a pro-soldier, pro-mission, intelligent, conservative Reagan Republican like myself who’s inundated daily with anti-war, anti-troop propaganda from an irresponsible media and politically motivated Democrats.  Why should “I” see this movie… and maybe I will.

Pic from Worst


One Response to “Lions For Lambs… but I Like Steak!”

  1. Chris said

    I have no interest in seeing this film either…I’m sure that we’ll see it paraded in front of the Oscar committee and it will give them another soapbox on which to stand.

    Hollywood probably won’t get around anytime soon to making a pro-war, pro-Iraq film anytime soon and I’m not waiting with baited breath because I’ll probably be waiting for a long time.

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