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“Why Don’t You Shut Up!”

Posted by Ryan on November 11, 2007

Says Juan Carlos, King of Spain, to Commissar Hugo Chavez of Venezuela after Chavez accused the last Spanish leader with a pair, Jose Aznar, of being a fascist while also trying to speak over current socialist Prime Minister Zapatero.  That may be divisive rhetorical nonsense in the Americas, but in Spain that’s a real insult to most middle age and older people who remember Francisco Franco’s fascist regime which survived until the mid-1970s.  Chavez obviously has disdain for the democratic process.  Does he even know who he was talking to?  Remember it was Spain after the 3/11 attacks that gave al Qaeda their first major moral victory after 9/11 by cut-and-running from Iraq back in 2004!  As a sworn enemy of America, shouldn’t Hugo appreciate that in the very least?  What a rube!

It’s great someone finally put Chavez in his place in person.

AP photo.

2 Responses to ““Why Don’t You Shut Up!””

  1. Chris said

    Let us not forget that King Juan Carlos also put down an anti-democracy coup in his country in 1981. Chavez flapping his mouth got a little too personal for the king and he rightfully put the tinhorn terrorist dictator in his place.

  2. Mike said

    Chavez is practicing democracy as libs see it. Whether it’s Code Pink, the Don’t Tase Me Bro Dude, or the man who rules by decree, democracy only exists when they can speak and prevent others from doing the same. Very confident in their viewpoints these liberals.

    It’s pretty sad when Chavez can’t win the support of a wacko socialist (Zapatero). Way to go Juan Carlos!

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