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Watch Out for Those Flags!

Posted by Ryan on November 12, 2007

She Who Must Not Be Named was nearly beamed by some falling flags at a campaign stop in Waterloo, Iowa, yesterday, which happened to be Veterans Day.  As you can see from this video, the symbolism is priceless:  the woman who plays more politics with the troops and her position on Iraq than any serious politician being flanked by falling American flags on a day set aside to commemorate the sacrifices made by those in uniform. 

To be fair, one can see someone in the background slightly brushing up against the first flag that falls, but she doesn’t seem to make enough contact to initiate an immediate fall until you look more closely.  She seems to hit the top with the blue background, knocking the flag over.  Either way, it’s just another priceless campaign moment from SWMNBN!

Happy Veterans Day Observed!

One Response to “Watch Out for Those Flags!”

  1. Chris said

    That video was great! All of us members of the “right wing conspiracy” can go in many differnt places with this one. Priceless.

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