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Clear the Second Tier

Posted by Mike on November 13, 2007

The second tier debate in the Republican primary has been over for a while now, and the winner is Mike Huckabee. According to SeeBS, the former Arkansas Governor is surging in Iowa and may be in a position to challenge Mitt Romney on caucus night. (Huckabee’s surge has been reported by legitimate polling firms so the SeeBS poll is newsworthy in this instance.)

There are several factors that explain Huckabee’s recent success, and all of them stem from his solid debate performances during the past few months. He repeatedly stood out on crowded stages because of his strong faith in God, good-natured humor and willingness to criticize liberals and media personalities alike. Not many people knew about Huckabee before the debates, but thanks to the substantive and informative debates, Huckabee was able to break through despite his early low profile.

At the time, many people were criticial of the decision to invite second tier candidates to the debates, but thanks to Huckabee’s surge, it is now clear that these invitations were a good idea. I’m not sure the same can be said of the lower tier candidates in the Democrat debates, but then again I think it’s much more difficult for a lower-tier candidate to break through when every other sentence by every candidate is a criticism of a man who isn’t running next year, and the most informative questions came from talking snowmen reading Al Gore’s snake oil pitch, but I digress. On the Republican side, the serious nature of the debates allowed a second-tier candidate to articulate why he should be considered and now he is under serious consideration.

The Republicans’ second-tier debate is over, and Huckabee won. With five legitimate candidates remaining, I think it is now time for Ron Paul, Duncan Hunter, and Tom Tancredo to drop out and clear the stage so we can make our decision.

4 Responses to “Clear the Second Tier”

  1. EARLINGA said


  2. Ryan said

    I agree with Mike (perhaps a with a little more substance than the first comment) that with 50 some odd days left before the primaries/caucuses start, the also-rans need to embrace that status and get out of the way.

    One can’t complain that their voice and message hasn’t gotten out there given the ridiculous amount of debates that have already taken place. They spoke their peace, the money hasn’t rolled in by supporters who’ve heard the message and want to see more, so it’s time for them to go.

  3. TRM said

    I’m torn a little these days on who I like. Mike supports the FairTax so thats a real biggie with me. But Fred wants to grow our Army to 1 million which I also like… aw screw it, I’ll just vote for Hillary and get on welfare…

  4. wickle said

    Wow … you know, I agreed with the article until I saw that mind-bowing logic Earlinga used to refute you. I mean, with solid arguments like that, who can hope to stand up?

    I now think that Giuliani, Romney, Thompson, McCain, and Huckabee should drop out of the race and John Cox, Alan Keyes, Tom Tancredo, Ron Paul, and Duncan Hunter should shoot it out for the nomination.

    … and Joe Schindler should be invited to all of the debates.

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