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Plants in the Garden of Evil

Posted by Ryan on November 13, 2007

OK, that title might be a bit much.  She Who Must Not Be Named is not truly evil, just completely misguided and wrong… until/unless she gets power, then her potential evil qualities will have to be reevaluated at that time. 

Still, the 19-year-old college plant at the SWMNBN campaign rally earlier this month, Muriel Gallo-Chasanoff, thought that the voters had a right to know that she was probably not the only plant in the audience that day as she tells her story to CNN.  Though she seems to be somewhat under the Imperius Curse, Muriel nonetheless goes into great detail about the staffer who came up to her with a list of possible questions, one even having the words “college student” written in brackets above it! 

SWMNBN’s campaign said that this was not standard practice, of course.  What a joke!  I don’t care if other campaigns do this kind of thing or not, her campaign got caught!  At least this keeps SWMNBN’s weaknesses and gaffes in the news for a few more days. 

CNN photo from the above link.


One Response to “Plants in the Garden of Evil”

  1. Mike said

    Of course this is standard operating procedure. She and her campaign are lying through their teeth. However, getting caught lying about this was exactly what she wanted.

    When some Republican calls her on this, her campaign will then be able to whine about how they’d “rather discuss the serious issues like health care, the environment, feeding children, etc.” without going into the details of her socialist solutions.

    The best way for a Republican candidate to handle this is to just laugh at her for doing it, and somehow link it to the substance of the phony question. I think all of our major candidats except McCain could pull this off.

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