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Illegal Licences Go Down in New York

Posted by Ryan on November 14, 2007

Why’d he do it?  New York Governor Eliot Spitzer is a liberal who up until today didn’t care about the will of the people on illegal driver’s licences, only interest groups and gullible voting blocs.  The polls on New Yorker’s impression of his illegal driver’s licence scheme were well known for a long time. 

That is until his position inadvertently hurt She Who Must Not Be Named!  Suddenly, because of popular opposition, Spitzer has sidelined his plan to give driver’s licences to illegal aliens in New York.  What about principles?  What about a compromise solution?  Right.  In typical liberal fashion (and in this case accurately), he blamed Bush and the federal government for making this such a problem.  Yet, his high profile debacle hurt SWMNBN, so Spitzer was probably approached by some party apparatchiks to shelve the issue for the time being.  Not only were Dems smacking her down, but Mitt Romney was effectively involved with demonizing SWMNBN and Spitzer. 

I believe that this is also potential cover for Wolf Blitzer to avoid the issue altogether when the Dems get together to debate on CNN tomorrow.  If I were Blitzer, I’d trade the partisan head-bobbing in this case for awesome ratings as SWMNBN could continue to crash and burn by having to answer unscripted questions!  But I doubt he’ll do that, and I doubt that Spitzer really wanted to truly dump this issue in this fashion.  I’m just happy the right side won the latest round of this long fight.

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