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Barry Bonds Indicted

Posted by Ryan on November 15, 2007

San Francisco Giants slugger and current homerun king(*), Barry Bonds, was indicted by a federal grand jury today for perjury and obstruction of justice.  This stems from his December 2003 testimony where he was given immunity by federal prosecutors in exchange for spilling the beans on his alleged steroids use and the use of other high-profile athletes. 

Apparently, Bonds was given steroids by his trainer, Greg Anderson (who was jailed by the way), back in the day but Bonds said that Bonds truly believed that the substances were something else (way to throw your friend and trainer under the bus, Barry!).  They weren’t benign substances and federal prosecutors cornered Bonds. 

The deal Bonds was given stipulated that immunity would only stick if Bonds was being honest.  Some believe that this immunity was granted in order to take down BALCO founder, Victor Conte, who served three months in the slammer for distributing steroids.  Through this testimony, the federal prosecutors were fishing for potential steroid incidents across professional sports, hoping to make more connections and get more names. 

There it sat, as far as Bonds was concerned.

Nearly four years later, it has become clear to prosecutors that Bonds was lying under oath in 2003 and they have decided now to move forward.  Sounds pretty ridiculous if true: Bonds was given immunity to tell the truth… and he blew it?!  He is now facing up to 30 years in prison!  Bad move, Barry, bad move.  If you’re going to commit perjury in front of a federal grand jury, it has to be about sex, not drugs, otherwise our legal system will take you down!  Maybe he didn’t get the memo.

Pic from ABC News blog.

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