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CNN In Her Enormous Hip Pocket

Posted by Mike on November 16, 2007

As a Senator, she avoided any program that would ask her difficult questions.  As a Presidential candidate, she planted questions to which she could offer canned responses.  Now CNN protects She Who Must Not Be Named by preventing an audience member from asking the witch a difficult question.  Even her campaign praised Wolf Blitzer for essentially doing as he was told.  For  a woman who constantly shrieks about wanting to discuss issues, she sure goes out of her way to avoid doing so.

There will be a number of debates scheduled for the general election.  The Republican candidate better insist on debates with limited input from a moderator.  Maybe a Sarkozy-Royal style debate would work.  Then again, SWMNBN does have a talent for hiding.  (which, judging by the looks of her, is quite an amazing feat.)

One Response to “CNN In Her Enormous Hip Pocket”

  1. Kevin said

    So glad that I was not the only one who noticed how CNN was biased towards Hillary….This is what is wrong with America

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