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Romney Attacks Both Bigots and McCain-Feingold

Posted by Ryan on November 17, 2007

After a series of anti-Mormon phone calls made there way through some important battleground states lately, Mitt Romney called this action “un-American” and blamed McCain-Feingold for the emergence of 527s and 510c4’s that establish shadow groups that openly and insidiously can do the dirty-work of an opponent’s campaign while feigning independence. 

While “un-American” is a strong word, he has a point about not tolerating discrimination based on religion.  While both religion and speech (in that order) are protected under the First Amendment, attacking someone solely on the basis of their faith is like saying O’Bama’s too black to be President and She Who Must Not Be Named too female to be President.  No, Barack is a socialist wimp and SWMNBN is wrong, two-faced, shady, a socialist too, and mean; that’s why they should not be President.  Pick on Romney’s flip-flops, his stand on the positions. 

Keep it about the issues.  I’m not Mormon and it doesn’t bother me that Romney is.  It doesn’t bother me that Lieberman is Jewish either.  For me, it’s how they govern and how they stand on the issues that should matter.

For that matter, McCain-Feingold is an issue.  It’s a bad law that Bush signed in 2002 thinking that he could placate the reformists while ensuring that the Supreme Court would throw it out since any objective observer can see that it obviously restricts free speech.  Well, Rehnquist’s Court upheld it and now we’ve had a mess on our hands ever since.  McCain’s dying campaign responded to Romney’s attack, but they did so feebly.

AP photo.

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