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Lamar! Defends Speaking English at Work

Posted by Ryan on November 19, 2007

Tennessee Senator Lamar! Alexander (R) is right to be upset at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) for its recent lawsuit against a Salvation Army thrift store in Framingham, MA, which required its employees to take a year to learn English, and then to speak English to the customers on the floor.  The rule was clearly posted and non-English-speaking employees were given a year to figure out a few common phrases.  Two Hispanic employees didn’t do that, they were fired, the EEOC heard, and promptly sued.  Lamar! wanted to protect companies from federal lawsuits for choosing to require English as the language spoken at their business: “I cannot imagine that the framers of the 1964 Civil Rights Act intended to say that it’s discrimination for a shoe shop owner to say to his or her employee, ‘I want you to be able to speak America’s common language on the job.'”  True true.

Lamar! may be right on principle, but Hispanic Democrats like Charles Gonzalez of Texas seems to think that “it’s subterfuge to discriminate against people based on national origin,” and has come out against Lamar!’s amendment, threatening to stonewall spending bills.  Wouldn’t this be great if the Dems decide to make this a larger issue than it currently is in next year’s campaign!  They can be the party of illegal alien licences and legal Spanish-speaking hegemony.  All Lamar! (or someone) needs to do is push for a simple bill that requires English be the official language of the government.  Put our politicians on record before next year’s election.  Alas, this Congress has very few Republicans that would stand up for 85% of the population that agree English should be the government’s language at the expense of alienating 15%.  Maybe that’s one reason why Republicans look weak and unprincipled to many voters.

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