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The Court’s Literacy Test

Posted by Mike on November 20, 2007

The Second Amendment is a topic the Supreme Court usually doesn’t touch, but that is about to change. Due to the D.C. Circuit’s decision to overturn our capital city’s ineffective ban on handguns, the Supremes have decided to give themselves a literacy test. The text of the Second Amendment is as follows: “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”  It seems simple enough.  The first part of the sentence is the reason for enacting the operative portion contained in the second part of the sentence.

However, these are Supreme Court Justices we’re talking about.  Reading comprehension was never their strong suit.  Like Hot Air, I’m pessimistic about this case.  Four Justices have shown that they are hellbent on ignoring the text of the Constitution.  Couple that lot with Justice Kennedy, who tends to read the Constitution and New York Times editorial page together as the law of land, and there is a potential that the Second Amendment may no longer mean what it says.

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Saudi Defends Injustice

Posted by Ryan on November 20, 2007

In case you missed this, a 19-year-old woman was kidnapped and gang-raped by seven men last year in Saudi Arabia.  After the trial and re-trial, the rapists got 2-9 years.  The victim got 200 lashes for being alone with an unrelated man before the incident!  That’s up from the customary 90 lashes because she went to the media with the story.  You talk, you get more lashes!   Crazy, 12th Century kind of stuff.  Punishing and blaming gang-rape victims just isn’t cool, especially in a culture that will treat her as used goods and a broken, undesirable woman for being raped in the first place. 

Pretty sick stuff, but today the Saudi’s defended their action!  Is it any wonder why al Qaeda finds Saudi Arabia to be a haven?  It’s a sick commentary on the treatment of women in some Muslim countries.  The Saudi courts don’t recognize precedent, since the believe that all the laws that ever needed to be given to us have been already revealed to Mohammad and his followers that developed sharia law centuries ago.  Many radical Muslims, especially in Saudi Arabia, believe that Islam is in such a funk because Muslims have turned away from sharia law.  It’s embarrassing episodes like this that give exposure to this backwards, dangerous and grotesque kind of world the Saudi Royal Family maintains in their oil-rich nation.  The State Department should not back down on their criticism.

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