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It Depends on the Method to the Madness

Posted by Mike on November 22, 2007

This abortion story from Texas is merely a narrower example of the faulty logic underlying our nation’s laws against murder. In most states, murder is illegal except when the victim is located in his or her mother’s womb. In Texas, the exception to murder laws no longer depends merely on location (the womb), but on location coupled with method. Murdering an unborn child in Texas is now a crime, except when the mother chooses to visit a doctor and employ one of several brutal method to end her child’s life. Then its just another lifestyle choice and Constitutional right written in invisible ink.

It’s a shame this argument is taking longer than it should, but it is becoming increasingly clear that abortion is simply the brutal taking of another human life.

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McClellan’s Confessions

Posted by Ryan on November 22, 2007

Proof that the Iraq War is going well doesn’t come from the good news on the ground, or the accounts of the troops and Iraqi Government, it comes from the fact that the MSM has decided to resurrect the long-dead Plame issue, this time with former Press Secretary Scott McClellan levying the charges.  So, now too, McClellan believed that he was misled by the Bush Administration, who allegedly pushed McClellan into a false sense of reassurance through “five administration officials,” who surprisingly don’t include Bush or Cheney this time.

Misled, Scott?  If your conscience was so miffed by all of this, you should have raised questions at the time or sometime within the next year-and-a-half you were still Press Secretary– that would add more leverage to your claims and would have really put pressure on the Administration at a critical time.  But, no, after Libby’s been convicted and commuted (not for leaking anything, but having a normal memory), after it is now common knowledge that Wilson was the one misleading everybody, and after Richard Armitage was fingered as Novak’s leaky source, the issue is once again resurrected in a fashion that does not reveal anything new, but rather puts the issue in the news once again.  Rush used to say that for Libs it’s not about the nature of the evidence, but rather the seriousness of the charge.  That sentiment completely summarizes the Plame story from the start and McClellan’s new fuel on an old fire.

AP photo.

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Posted by Ryan on November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family from all of us here at AOR!  It’s a time to give thanks for what and who we have in our lives.  Millions of Americans are on the road today going to visit family and friends.  All but a few of us will be having turkey today, then dozing off in front of some football games this afternoon (at least that’s my plan!). 

Some miserable people who don’t understand history want to ruin the holiday and make us feel bad for keeping a nearly 400 year old tradition alive.  The Seattle school district wants to make today a “day of mourning.”  Why?  Thanksgiving was a time when cooperation was fostered between the Puritans and the Wampanoag Indians– they taught the Puritans how to farm corn properly, we promised them added protection against the pushy Narragansett Indians.  Give-give.  In fact, New England relations with Amerindians were generally pretty good with only a few bumps along the road early on.  The final break was King Philip’s War in 1675-6 when the Metacom, a leader of one of the Wampanoag tribes, decided to attack white settlers because too many Amerindians were converting to Christianity.  Metacom’s society was being threatened, so he lashed out.

Of course it’s not that simple and the Puritans weren’t completely innocent with all the smallpox and land grabbing, but King Philip’s War did not start on Thanksgiving and had little to do with that day.  Today we celebrate the spirit of cooperation, family and plenty, not bloody misfortunes– leave the whining for Columbus Day.  I for one and happy to celebrate this holiday with family and friends.  The only guilt I’m going to feel today is for which dish I snub for seconds.

Cartoon from Ray Richmond’s “Past Deadline“.

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