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It Depends on the Method to the Madness

Posted by Mike on November 22, 2007

This abortion story from Texas is merely a narrower example of the faulty logic underlying our nation’s laws against murder. In most states, murder is illegal except when the victim is located in his or her mother’s womb. In Texas, the exception to murder laws no longer depends merely on location (the womb), but on location coupled with method. Murdering an unborn child in Texas is now a crime, except when the mother chooses to visit a doctor and employ one of several brutal method to end her child’s life. Then its just another lifestyle choice and Constitutional right written in invisible ink.

It’s a shame this argument is taking longer than it should, but it is becoming increasingly clear that abortion is simply the brutal taking of another human life.

One Response to “It Depends on the Method to the Madness”

  1. Ryan said

    This story just shows the ridiculous double standard present when dealing with the unborn. According to this Texas law, murder of the unborn is only murder if someone else does it. If you do it, then it’s a totally different story: then it’s a constitutionally protected right. Pretty sick, but at least they’re writing laws about the unborn. It is a step in the right direction.

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