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The Democrat Wealth Deception

Posted by Ryan on November 23, 2007

A thorough and detailed Heritage Foundation study of IRS data and political affiliation have found that the Democrats are the true “party of the rich” in this country at this time.  While rich people do not bother me (in fact, I’d like to be one of them some day!), this Washington Times story demonstrates that the blue areas of the country also tend to have lots of wealthy people in them.  The study also found that a good number of unabashed conservatives in the House come from middle-income, average districts as well. 

The Democrats have not been the “party of the people” for a long time.  When they look at people as statistics and demographic targets to be used in political campaigns, while at the same time professing to feel their pain or rallying the class-warfare mantra election after election, they aren’t showing respect for the people, just the ability to use them as agents of their power grab.

Also, I see a potentially insidious angle in this Heritage Foundation study:  if the Dems have rich people in their district, then their socialist agenda can only go so far without angering their constituents.  Sounds alright, but I can’t help wondering if this is just a way to make moderates more comfortable with Dems by saying that they won’t soak the rich either.  Fat chance that’ll happen!  The Dems need wealthy people to make demons out of them and to tax/regulate the productivity out of their spirits and occupations. 

So, beyond the deception, the Dems end up as the party of upper-crust liberal snobbery who have enough money to absorb a tax increase to fund inefficient social programs at the expense of the common American, for whom they no longer speak (and haven’t for decades).

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