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Rudd Defeats Howard

Posted by Mike on November 24, 2007

Kevin Rudd will become the new Prime Minister of Australia after his Labor Party defeated John Howard’s Liberals in today’s Australian Federal Election. After running a campaign in which he described himself as an economic conservative, Australian swing voters will be in for a huge surprise in the very near future, kind of like swing voters in New Jersey and Virginia.

Prime Minister Howard was a great friend to the United States. We appreciated Australia’s assistance in ridding the world of a terrorist-sponsoring regime in Iraq. Prime Minister Howard, who was in the United States on September 11, 2001, knows the threat of evil in the world and the consequences of faling to confront it. His leadership was steadfast. He will be missed.

On a lighter note, the American media’s coverage of the election is quite amusing. They already going out of their way to characterize Rudd’s victory as a defeat for President Bush. According to their conventional wisdom, the election is a defeat for our President because Australia will withdraw their troops from Iraq and sign the Kyoto protocol. It’s true that a withdrawal of Australian troops does not help our cause, and the MSM would have a point if their coverage ended there.

Rudd’s decision to sign the Kyoto Protocol however, is not a defeat for Bush. The U.S. President could care less if Australia signs the protocol. His concern has always been that the U.S. does not adopt a treaty that would harm the U.S. economy. Australia is free to damage their economy in any way they see fit. They made that perfectly clear earlier today.

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2 Responses to “Rudd Defeats Howard”

  1. Ryan said

    I join the mourning for Australia. Howard was a real stand-up kind of guy. I thought he was articulate, funny, and a great compliment to the English-speaking world. Leftists tend to run in the middle, then bolt left at the first opportunity.

    Taxes will probably go up, Kyoto will limit the Australian economy unnecessarily, and the loss of Australia’s presense in Iraq will embolden our mutual enemies for the short-term. Rudd wants to send reconstruction teams into Iraq, but by withdrawing troops, does he realize that those workers become less safe and potentially easy targets? Of course not! Lefties don’t tend to think things through to their natural conclusion, they’re more worried about appearing to care rather than solving problems.

    Oh well. Rudd’s rule may very well remind the Aussies why Howrad’s been there for so long. I hope America doesn’t join suit and elect our own leftist monster.

  2. rightonoz said

    Well I’ve been crying in my beer all weekend so to speak.

    On my independent business side, once Rudd introduces his pro union laws that will force me to put all staff on awards (even though we currently pay them more than award), let union thugs back in the door and take away my right to fire unsuitable staff I will be firing any staff who have a question mark and reducing staff levels, with all new staff being on 3 month (the max allowed) trial and if there are ANY questions, fired before the end of three months. No incentive to persevere with those potentially good, but a few flaws to be worked on staff, as has been in the past. The result will be I am certain an increase in unemployment as most independent business people I have spoken to are going to take the same position. I have always been an employer who gives staff more than legal entitlements (recent staff member who left to found his own business after 9 years was paid his share of a bonus we received from a supplier 6 weeks after he left because we recognized his contribution to the award)

    On my other sometimes role that links back to a previous career, I shall be retiring permanently. Rudd’s policies make that too great a risk. On security the guy is a liability.

    It even looks as if Howard has lost his seat, to a journalist who always professed to be neutral when at the ABC (govt TV)and became indignant when Howard several times told her straight that her political leanings were interfering with an interview. Her high profile and a change in demographic doomed Howard. He will be sorely missed. IN a slightly bright side for the 2010 election, Costello, Howard’s treasurer who lacked charisma, despite being incredible at his job has announced he will not run for leader and one of the leading contenders Turnbull has the charisma and talent to take on Rudd, especially if the economy ends up in the toilet as anyone in business is certain it will.

    I have to confess I have two daughters who voted for Rudd “he’s younger, Howard’s been there too long, Rudd cares about the environment, education”, – all the buzzwords that attract the 20-30 demographic. We had a number of spirited but respectful debates but in the end I believe almost all the under 30’s voted Rudd. They hadn’t been around when the last 3 Labor P.M.’s stuffed the economy and we were paying 17% interest. They never saw the monthly struggle to meet the mortgage when our repayments almost doubled.

    All we can do now is to thank Howard for the last decade of prosperity and growth and a lifetime of service in parliament.

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